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"When a religious person walks into an abortion clinic to have her "fetus" aborted; that's using scientific jargon, and she's bowing to the goddess of atheistic science - (Mother Nature)."

AV1611VET, Christian Forums 9 Comments [6/30/2008 9:59:49 AM]
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Vet, Nuff' said.

7/1/2008 12:08:07 PM

Princess Rot

Weird. What planet does AV live on, 'cos it sure isn't Earth.

7/1/2008 10:02:33 PM


1)Atheism and science are NOT the same.

2)Atheists don't have any gods. Not even a little one.

3)You are a fucking moron

7/1/2008 11:01:19 PM

There is nothing correct about your statement.

7/31/2008 1:34:50 PM


What about the rational person who walks into an abortion clinic?

Why is everything regarded by these loons as some sort of religious act?

7/31/2008 2:42:30 PM


Atheistic science has deities? O rly.

I guess some fundies are so entrenched in religious bullshit that they see everything in terms of gods.

Beer battered Christ on a stick.

7/31/2008 4:05:45 PM


Mother Nature aint got nothing on Venus.

or how about Aphrodite? OOOOO how about a threesome between Aphrodite, Venus, AND Mother Nature? now that would be hot.

i know that didnt have anything to do with anything, but neither did this post.

3/22/2012 10:02:31 PM


What about "abortion" and "clinic"? They are also scientific jargon, if "fetus" is.
If you are very petty, "walks" and "bowing" are sort of anatomical jargon.

Atheism has neither gods nor goddesses, stupid. That's the whole point of the word; no gods.

3/23/2012 1:15:28 AM


Mother Nature would make a decent goddess, but by no means atheistic. Atheism and irreligion aren't the same. Many Hindus are atheists, in fact. And what's this about scientific terms? They're used because they are ACCURATE and SPECIFIC and UNIVERSAL. It ain't an infant if it's unborn, it's a fetus. And if it's younger than 8 weeks, it's an embryo. It's not dehumanizing. It's a standard set so someone doesn't think hypertension means hypotension and makes someone explode.

7/18/2013 12:01:37 AM

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