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Even if brain tumours are natural, having one is still wrong and you'd need a doctors help to get better.? Same thing applies to being gay.

motheatenkid, YouTube 5 Comments [6/30/2008 1:38:51 PM]
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*snicker* Moron.

7/10/2008 1:57:33 AM


That would be true if it could be proven that homosexuality is in any way harmful to anyone, or that it is something you need to "get better" from.

7/10/2008 2:20:08 AM


No. Tumors can hurt you. Homosexuality can't.

8/30/2008 7:20:12 AM

Grey Seer

You know, for a moment there, I was actually agreeing with this guy, mainly on the whole "just because it's natural doesn't mean that it's good for you" issue. And then he ruined the good impression by claiming homosexuality is an illness.


OK, first up, my cousin is homosexual, and he recently triumphed in his battle with cancer. And whilst the cancer made him physically ill and frail, and very nearly killed him, him being gay has had no outward effects at all. To the point where I didn't realise he was gay until he got married to another man, despite seeing him frequently.

So, fuck you and your intolerant fundie bullshit. My cousin is a nicer person than the fucking lot of you put together, and the next person who tells me he's going to burn in hell gets a broken nose.

8/10/2010 3:59:47 PM


Well, when homosexuality causes any physiological change for the worse, begins to kill people and ceases to be found in countless other species, then you can claim it's harmful and unnatural.

5/4/2012 7:47:39 PM

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