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Winter it gets cold,
Summer it gets hot
thats how our Planet works.
It worked this way for Million years.
Just to spice things up
sometimes it stays cold in summer
and Stays Warm all Winter.
Man can't Destroy what God Has Made.
Deal with it!

RichN36, IMDb 48 Comments [7/1/2008 4:40:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Ltap

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I wonder his reaction to explosives.

7/1/2008 4:44:08 AM


And your explanation for why the North Pole no longer has ice?


7/1/2008 4:45:10 AM


Complete sentences
On single lines
You jackass.

7/1/2008 4:45:46 AM


Looks like his "special" school is putting together an end of the year poetry anthology.

Good effort, Rich! Good effort!

*distributes cookie*

7/1/2008 4:53:31 AM


Funny, you should visit the southers Hemisphere. Or South Asia, where there is no winter... or go back to 1816, the year with no summer.


7/1/2008 4:53:47 AM


It started as a haiku but it just wondered off.

7/1/2008 5:00:24 AM

The Jamo

Man, this does sound like a really badly written poem. I can just imagine this acne-scarred teenager reading this in front of his English class and ending it with a loud and an aggressive "Deal with it!" The class applauds unenthusiastically, he smiles and returns to his seat.

7/1/2008 5:15:30 AM


Just like how my lawnmower works!


huh, it keeps stopping. Damn!

7/1/2008 5:28:28 AM


The question I really wanna ask is "What the fuck is this doing on IMDb?"

7/1/2008 5:31:26 AM


Man can't Destroy what God Has Made.

Hey, how many species go extinct each year from human actions?

7/1/2008 5:44:35 AM


Oh we cannot destroy the earth. BUT We can make it a miserable place to live on.

7/1/2008 6:37:55 AM


Hey, move to the Southern Hemisphere. Your brain will explode!

7/1/2008 7:09:41 AM


Have you ever heard of an Ice Age? Have you been to the Arctic in the Summer? Have you been to the Sahara in the "Winter"?


7/1/2008 7:16:19 AM


@Mortok: The question I really wanna ask is "What the fuck is this doing on IMDb?"

Discussion thread about the movie "The Day After Tomorrow."
(wherein humanity has farked up the ecosystem to the point that the northern hemisphere is flash-frozen in a massive "super-storm." *wheeeeee!*)

7/1/2008 7:19:17 AM


The Tropics would blow this guy's mind.

7/1/2008 8:53:40 AM

One Trick Pony

At least he says "millions" not "thousands."

7/1/2008 9:04:12 AM

David B.

"Deal with it!"

Well we're trying, but it'd be a lot easier without the f**ktards who constantly pretend it isn't happening or refuse to lift a finger to help.

7/1/2008 9:07:10 AM

Me again

In winter it's cold
In summer it's hot
But all year round RichN36 is a clot.

7/1/2008 9:29:17 AM


Nukes would like to have a word with you

7/1/2008 12:23:42 PM


....it worked this way for Million years.


7/1/2008 12:25:33 PM

Blayze Kohime

Religious nuts are the biggest enemy of environmentalism. Despite believing that God put humanity in charge of protecting the Earth, they seem intent on intentionally doing everything bad they can think of.

7/1/2008 1:37:08 PM


Tell it to the dodo and the hydrogen atom.

7/1/2008 1:38:49 PM

Carbonated Margarine

RichN36's real name: Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz or Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings?

@"Me again": That was a Cunning Plan you had, using that reference.

7/1/2008 1:58:42 PM


At least he's not a member of the Young Earth League.

7/1/2008 2:16:03 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Well...at least he admits that the world is more than 6,000 years old...that's a plus!

Aside from that, fail.

7/1/2008 2:32:46 PM

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