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COQUITLAM -- A Coquitlam priest is returning his Order of Canada after abortion activist Dr. Henry Morgentaler received the same award Tuesday.

Father Lucien Larre, who founded the Bosco Centres for emotionally disturbed and addicted adolescents, said he'd rather return the honour rather than be associated with Morgentaler...

Larre, a priest with the Archdiocese of Vancouver who runs Bosco Centre in Coquitlam, received the Order of Canada 25 years ago.[for his work with troubles youth]
in 1992, a Saskatchewan jury convicted him on two counts of physically abusing children in his care at Bosco Homes and acquitted him on nine other charges. Larre was sentenced to one day in jail and paid a $2,500 fine for one charge of common assault and one charge that he forced pills down the throat of a teenager to teach her a lesson about drug abuse...other psychologists have questioned his methods and the quality of his work. Last November, the college held an extraordinary hearing and suspended his registration pending a disciplinary hearing because it felt he posed "an immediate risk to the public."

Father Lucien Larre, victoria times 31 Comments [7/8/2008 9:56:25 AM]
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Okay when I first read this, I was thinking "well you know, if you have a cause, defend it by all means if you honestly think it's the right thing to do. Plus, it's hurting nobody."

Then I find out he's a diddler. Ugh!

7/8/2008 11:27:40 AM


So being found guilty of 2 counts of physical abuse of children gets you a day in jail and a $2,500 fine? That by itself is fucked up.

7/8/2008 11:57:08 AM


He cares about kids... till they are born.

Shouldn't his "Order of Canada" got taken from him after the charge?

7/8/2008 12:16:59 PM



7/8/2008 12:23:20 PM


Good! Larre doesn't deserve to be in the same company as a crusader like Dr. Morgentaler. When I saw this is the paper the other day, I was thrilled. Glad it made it on here too.

7/8/2008 3:17:55 PM


He had to GIVE back the award? Why didn't they REVOKE it when he was convicted?

7/8/2008 3:57:52 PM



I wouldn't be surprised if it was a "You can quit or we can fire you" situation. Far better than he deserved, mind you, but that's what I'd imagine what it was. The sour grapes would be his ways of maintaining his self-righteousness.

7/8/2008 4:10:13 PM


As bad as the scientologists...

7/8/2008 5:04:23 PM


Larre was sentenced to one day in jail and paid a $2,500 fine for one charge of common assault and one charge that he forced pills down the throat of a teenager to teach her a lesson about drug abuse

Welcome to the Canadian court system. Oh, and I don't think there's ever been a situation where they demanded back an Order of Canada.

And he thinks he's the one with superior morals. I should really head down to the Bosco Centre with a Morgentaler rules sign.

7/8/2008 5:13:01 PM

David G

Wow, if I was Dr. Henry Morgentaler, I sure wouldn't want to be associated with the likes of Larre!

7/8/2008 5:19:34 PM

Princess Rot

Once again a fundie demonstrates that the only lives he cares about are those that are not already born, and those that are he couldn't give a flying monkey's ass about.

7/8/2008 6:02:13 PM


Well, now he's associated with him.. Idiot.

7/8/2008 6:33:58 PM


I don't think he's very fundie, but he's obviously an asshat.

7/8/2008 6:41:42 PM


How the hell did Larre get named to the OoC?

Ah well, at least it give me hope that I might be awarded the Order one day. I know I can do better for this world than a priest anger issues.

7/8/2008 7:23:15 PM

Old Viking

The good father is obviously a man with deep spiritual values.

7/8/2008 8:59:37 PM


Aaaaaand my patriotism level decreases ever so slightly. Again.

7/8/2008 10:03:30 PM


"one charge that he forced pills down the throat of a teenager to teach her a lesson about drug abuse"

I take it these pills were from his personal stash.

7/8/2008 10:21:22 PM


Where's this "Coquitlam" place? Sounds like the name of a South American country.

7/8/2008 10:44:52 PM


StridentLobster wrote:

"How the hell did Larre get named to the OoC?"

Don't forget, Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

7/8/2008 10:48:43 PM

Deep Search

So this 'man of god' who abused troubled kids believes himself to be morally superior to a guy who does abortions and supports women's rights? Wow.

7/9/2008 8:22:33 AM


i don't know how a priest can be a psychologist. the whole movement founded by atheists. look up the president, brock chisholm. president of this in the 40's everything that the Church stands for he knocked down. then said only the psychiatrists hve the answer to world peace. and it is known that freud made a pact with the devil.

7/9/2008 8:27:37 PM


Like a lot of Roman Catholic clergy, Father Larre is a huge fucking hypocrite. Maybe we should have protested Father Larre's appointment to the Order of Canada; he is far less deserving of it than Henry Morgentaler, who has paid a serious personal price for his fight to help women secure their rights in Canada. Unfortunately the fundies & some Catholics resent this; it takes power OUT of the hands of a bunch of old churchmen & gives it to women! God forbid!

Thanks for returning the award, Father. You don't DESERVE to be in the company of crusaders like Henry Morgentaler.

7/27/2008 9:34:51 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Who doesn't want to be associated with whom?

3/30/2012 12:54:02 PM


When I read the first half I was like "really, look at who you directly associate with, hypocrite"
Then I read the rest and went like "Why the hell aren't these offenders locked up? And if released why are they allowed near children? Not only near children but in a position of authority over children!"

Then I went like "un-fuckin believable travisty of justice and common-sense"

3/31/2012 7:59:42 AM

Sounds like he already needed to return the award for other reasons.

5/23/2012 8:11:01 PM

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