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Is atheism against the law?

Atheism is a lack of belief mentality which rejects the existence of anything supernatural. By default, atheists are also naturalists and evolutionists. They believe there is a natural explanation for all circumstances and nothing has ever occurred that has a supernatural answer. While atheism does not break any state or federal laws, it does break several scientific laws.


What scientific laws does atheism break?

[Click the link for the thrilling conclusion]

(unknown), anointed-one.net 44 Comments [7/8/2008 3:55:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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Alright, that's it. We need to seriously require people to pass a test before they homeschool their children.

7/8/2008 4:02:16 PM


"I don't unerstan me no science stuff, so I'll claim it means what I want it to mean, an' say my made-up version is stoopid."

7/8/2008 4:07:32 PM


I have never seen so much BS in one place.

7/8/2008 4:11:16 PM



Sadly, I have.

7/8/2008 4:15:04 PM


holy fuck science laws != legislative laws

This is not hard to understand!

7/8/2008 4:22:03 PM


Entropy does not equal disorder.

As water increases in entropy, decreases in temperature, it crystallizes and becomes more orderly. This is because the second law of thermo dynamics does not take into account molecular attraction, and gravity.

You Fail!

7/8/2008 4:24:12 PM


In 1905, the theory of relativity showed mass was a form of energy and the two laws governing these quantities were combined into a single law conserving the total amount of mass and energy. This law says neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed.

Energy can be transformed into matter and matter into energy,
so he already fails with his first assertion.

7/8/2008 4:26:32 PM


That site is like the internet took a dump in my brain. What the hell is wrong with people that they have the audacity to whine about subjects they know jack shit about?!

7/8/2008 4:30:11 PM


I wish the fundies would stop using science. They don't understand how stupid it makes them look.

7/8/2008 4:38:04 PM

cool cats

I got about half way through the stupidity but then my brain began to hurt.

7/8/2008 4:38:39 PM

David B.

Presumably, if you believed in reincarnation and karma, but not in any god, you would be both atheist and 'supernaturalist'.

Atheism doesn't really say a lot about the supernatural, except in divine form, so there's no particular onus on an atheist not to believe in ghosts (for example).

7/8/2008 4:42:16 PM

Pedantic Twit

Now just for conversation's sake, let's go with the first:

"Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. If matter and energy cannot be created, how did they originate?"

They didn't.

if (Fundy.IsFail)

7/8/2008 4:46:25 PM

Allegory for Jesus

So...atheism is lack of belief in the supernatural, which science, by its very nature, must also disregard in the same manner. And yet atheism voliates scientific laws? The mind boggles.

7/8/2008 5:19:23 PM

Little Miss

No thanks. I can guess what it's going to say and I like my brain that way it is, thank you.

7/8/2008 5:57:51 PM

Chancellor Gorkon

When atheists are outlawed, only outlaws will have atheists...
that makes about as much sense...

7/8/2008 5:59:50 PM


"By default, atheists are also naturalists and evolutionists."

Technically speaking, there could be something at work besides evolution, but it's safe to say most atheists believe in evolution, yes.

"While atheism does not break any state or federal laws, it does break several scientific laws."



He goes on to say that atheists do not break any laws, but that our beliefs defy Conservation of Matter because how could the universe start if matter can't be created.

This is all irrelevant because I have a super top-secret faith-and-bullshit theory which makes the Big Bang entirely possible and can explain the origins of the universe without a creator.

So... Your introduction is full of shit.

7/8/2008 6:08:08 PM

Mister Spak

"[Click the link for the thrilling conclusion]"

Where did god come from?

7/8/2008 6:08:54 PM


So if you claim that evolution can't be true because it's faith, why do you then redirect us to believe in some convoluted mess of a creep fairy tale? Hypocrite.

7/8/2008 6:15:26 PM


Just learning to spell big words doesn't mean one has anu idea about what they mean nor how to use them.

7/8/2008 6:20:03 PM

Cosmic Muffin

Then again, to quote Bugs Bunny, I never studied law.

7/8/2008 6:52:11 PM

Doctor Whom

I tried to read it, but my doctor tells me that I have to cut back on circular logic, abuse of big words, and general bullshit.

7/8/2008 6:52:30 PM

Old Viking

Didn't he shoot himself in the foot? What part of "can't be created" is difficult to understand?

7/8/2008 7:41:21 PM

The Watcher

All right, hang on. Atheism doesn't "break" the laws of science. NOTHING does. Nothing can break the laws of science. It's impossible. No matter how hard you tried, you could not break the laws of science.

Now, you can BELIEVE in something that breaks the laws of science. Fundies do all the time.

7/8/2008 7:46:38 PM


There is even a natural explanation for those things loosely categorized as "mystical experiences", which involves brain chemistry.

7/8/2008 8:02:47 PM

Argle Bargle

There's even a "note to mockers" section. Here's a hint: stop mixing faith and science if you want to avoid mockery. "Goddidit" is not a scientific hypothesis.

7/8/2008 8:50:10 PM

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