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Dallas County meeting turns racial
5:34 PM Mon, Jul 07, 2008
A special meeting about Dallas County traffic tickets turned tense and bizarre this afternoon.

County commissioners were discussing problems with the central collections office that is used to process traffic ticket payments and handle other paperwork normally done by the JP Courts.

Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said it seemed that central collections "has become a black hole" because paperwork reportedly has become lost in the office.

Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, interrupted him with a loud "Excuse me!" He then corrected his colleague, saying the office has become a "white hole."

That prompted Judge Thomas Jones, who is black, to demand an apology from Mayfield for his racially insensitive analogy.

Mayfield shot back that it was a figure of speech and a science term. A black hole, according to Webster's, is perhaps "the invisible remains of a collapsed star, with an intense gravitational field from which neither light nor matter can escape."

Other county officials quickly interceded to break it up and get the meeting back on track. TV news cameras were rolling, after all.

John Wiley Price, dallas news 28 Comments [7/10/2008 8:01:40 PM]
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Um, if I am, in fact, being racist, then call me out on it, but it seems, IMO, a little overly sensitive for a person to be offended by that scientific term, considering the context.

7/10/2008 8:44:17 PM


When astrophysics goes wrong...

7/10/2008 8:52:39 PM

Little Miss

Oh dear...That's sounds like a silly reason to get upset.

7/10/2008 8:57:03 PM


Wait a second, this isn't racist. Stupid, yes, but no one here is racist.

7/11/2008 12:03:23 AM

Son of a Nonymous

I never thought I'd agree with those "racial sensitivity has gone too far" people, but DAMN, this is just batshit crazy.

7/11/2008 1:55:45 AM


I lol'd

7/11/2008 4:17:23 AM


Reminds me of the person who got upset about the iPod commercials because they were obviously wearing 'black face'.

Some people just go out of their way to be offended.

So am I a racist because I have a black dog, a black cat, black clothes, and a coloured TV?

7/11/2008 4:30:36 AM


How the fuck did this get approved?!

What are you all fucken PC faggots?!

7/11/2008 9:44:47 AM

Doctor Fishcake


7/11/2008 10:12:42 AM


I think this is here just for the humor value, not because anyone here is this PC... This story is just great, they go on to talk about racial implications of pastry.

7/11/2008 11:33:59 AM


7/11/2008 2:16:41 PM

Idiots. This is as stupid as the people that became offended because computer hard drives are referred to as either 'master' or 'slave' because of the order the machine looks at them.

7/11/2008 3:00:48 PM


Of course, in future a collapsed star will be referred to as an African-American Hole.

7/11/2008 3:55:48 PM


@: LordJiro and Philbert

those were the funnierst things I've seen all day

7/11/2008 4:53:55 PM

Old Viking

Texas: Where stupidity is an equal opportunity trait.

7/12/2008 1:48:08 AM



IMO, if someone is that sensative about race and cares that much about race then they are racist. True, non-racists care so little about race that they wouldn't even begin to imagine that a black whole could be considered racist by anyone.

7/12/2008 3:12:17 AM


Actually, this guy may be racist. "White hole"? That's not even the same thing!

7/12/2008 3:55:45 PM


Somewhere, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is doing a facepalm.

7/12/2008 4:30:03 PM

Skeptical Tart

Its shit like this entry that makes me takes most claim of modern day racism with a grain of salt.

7/12/2008 10:11:22 PM


It is racism.

Would they have objected if a black person said the same thing? I doubt it.

7/13/2008 8:57:01 AM

Tired Christian

That is soo incredibly stupid. Mayfield had a good comeback.

I hope this story is false.

7/13/2008 12:08:15 PM

Did someone say affirmative action?

7/13/2008 3:26:40 PM


What the.... Why did this get approved?

7/14/2008 1:01:15 AM

Reverend David

Black Hole, White Hole doesn't alter the fact this one is a Shit Hole.

7/14/2008 10:13:20 AM


@ Philbert.

I know a guy who went to the States. When he told someone he was from the UK they said, "So you're a British African-American?"


7/14/2008 1:43:16 PM

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