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They are the American Civil Liberties Union, or as I like to call them, the American Communist Liars Union... They are the group responsible for taking a lot of constitutional rights [like the right to proselytize a captive audience of school kids?] away from Christian organizations.

lkeiser, Rapture Ready 5 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Pretty sure that's not a constitutional right.

5/10/2009 2:17:23 PM


Which line of Constitution was giving you that right? Be precise, please.

5/10/2009 2:25:21 PM

Don't know who sold you that copy of the constituion you're reading from, but you need to get your money back.

And just so you know, if it weren't for the ACLU being there to defend your constituional rights along with everyone else's, you wouldn't have the right to picket abortion clinics and go around spewing hatred for gays and liberals. You should send them a few bucks. Just sayin'.

5/10/2009 6:08:45 PM


Translation: They took away our brainwashing rights that I believe to be in the constitution of the Christian American Empire. HEIL AMERIKA!!! SIEG HEIL JESUS!!! GOTT MIT UNS!!!

1/19/2011 2:21:32 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Would that be the same American Communist Liars Union that stood up for Rush Limbaugh's fat, hypocritical, drug-abusing falsehood promoting ass?

1/19/2011 2:48:42 PM

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