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Taking away parents rights is also abuse you condone society to abuse parents but condem parents for abuseing there children... If society can sentance one of its mebers to death for wrong doing then parents have the same right to do the same to one of there family members for wrong doing.

Haylow, Internet Infidels 10 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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I honestly can't think anything else \"What. The. FUCK?\"

12/4/2005 4:15:41 PM

Darth Wang

So he's saying you should kill your kid if he misbehaves?

12/4/2005 5:14:38 PM


He is saying that it's parent's right to abuse their children and it would be wrong for others to prevent them from exercising this right.
He ranks rather high on my list of people who need to be castrated with sledge hammer.

12/20/2005 1:15:04 AM


Faaaaaaaaaaaaark! It's people like this that make child services necessary!

7/4/2006 7:25:27 AM


For the sake of your future offspring, DO NOT BREED!

7/4/2006 10:22:06 PM

Ok, well that took a turn for the HOLY FUCK WHAT worse...

12/10/2009 4:25:24 PM


So...it's abuse to the parents to deprive them of their human punching bags? Seriously? And then you're trying to tell me that it should be a parent's right to kill their child? you're aware there's DUE PROCESS before society can condemn a person to death...not to mention the fact that a sizable portion of the population sees capital punishment as barbaric? So there's a bit of a jump from presenting evidence that the person's crime warrants death to "My kid pissed me off, so I'll beat him into a coma."

12/10/2009 4:31:48 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Haylow is guilty of abusing the English language.

12/10/2009 4:42:57 PM

So it's abuse to punish abusers and people should also be able to kill their family if they want to? What!? Why? I'm glad you're not responsible for anything to do with the laws or justice system in your country.

3/27/2012 11:16:56 AM


What kind of wrong doing could your child do that you would feel right and justified in killing them?

Go on, tell us.

5/3/2012 7:07:24 PM

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