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And no we cant observe planets and stars being formed, it takes billions of years. You may CLAIM to see readings that indicate a certain body is in the process of it, but a) you are not observing it, just data and b) you have only 'seen' it for a fraction of the time required.

Rom831, Rapture Ready 1 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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pillars of creation, anyone?

please, dear Rom, follow me on this.
stars are made of hydrogen (mostly)
hydrogen is overabundant in the universe. 98% of all mass in space consists of hydrogen. now, large clouds of hydrogen can be observed, being pulled together by gravity. what happens when you get gravity working on ductile mass? yes, it becomes a sphere. now what happens when the core of this is compressed enough? hmm? what do you think, you retarded fundie? yes, they ignite and become stars! what great deduction skills of you, Rom.

7/18/2012 12:22:02 PM

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