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This may sound nothing more than a mere coincidence, but...

Remember the '98 movie "Deep Impact"-the entire world was being threatened by a catostrophic asteroid, and the US President was an AFRICAN-AMERICAN. You know what happened at the end...

Fast forward to '08...

BornAgain123, Rapture Ready 30 Comments [7/27/2008 9:14:52 PM]
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Old Viking

I'm leaning toward mere coincidence.

7/27/2008 9:19:28 PM

Red Dragon Disciple

So Obama's one weakness as a president, is that he can't stop asteroids?

7/27/2008 9:20:10 PM


No, it's straight-up idiocy.

Science fiction movies have very little bearing on reality.

7/27/2008 10:44:11 PM

Darth Wang

And remember Independence Day, when the president was a war veteran and the world was threatened by aliens?

I guess we can't elect McCain either

7/27/2008 11:36:40 PM


I remember what happened at the end. The Messiah failed to save the earth: it was the noble self-sacrifice of that all-too-human crew that allowed life to continue...

7/28/2008 12:14:52 AM


How can these people go through life not knowing the difference between reality and fiction?

7/28/2008 1:02:41 AM


Please die.

7/28/2008 2:21:35 AM


@ Antichrist- that's why they're Fundies.

7/28/2008 3:04:52 AM


Wow, what a friggin' dumbass.

7/28/2008 3:08:29 AM


So, what, an old white guy coulda done better in that situation? Would he fly up there and just disintegrate the asteroid with his sheer whiteness?

7/28/2008 3:28:24 AM


Ok, honestly, what's racist about this?

He/she's just saying that by having a black president, it's like we're mimicing the events in the movie, thus the world will be ending soon. He/she never said anything racist, IMO.

7/28/2008 6:44:29 AM


"Ok, honestly, what's racist about this?

He/she's just saying that by having a black president, it's like we're mimicing the events in the movie, thus the world will be ending soon. He/she never said anything racist, IMO."

Do you honestly not see a problem with saying "One aspect of movie ten years ago = OMG WE'RE ALL DEAD"?

It's pretty obvious it's a pathetic grasp at straws for a racist bastard to say anything he can to somehow imply that a black man would ruin the world. So pathetic, that he's using movie comparisons that have no bearing on anything.

The fact that you don't think this is racist makes me think you're fundie yourself.

7/28/2008 7:46:52 AM


To me it just sounded more like an idiot who thinks the end of the world is coming soon, by trying to relate a situation that happened in a movie to real life.

The more I read it, I do see what you're talking about now. But please, don't label me just because I interpreted the post differently from you at first.

7/28/2008 8:11:49 AM

Sgt snoodles

Say it with me, fiction. F-I-C-T-I-O-N. FICTION, FICTI...Ah fuck it!

7/28/2008 8:34:31 AM


Oh for fucks sake...

7/28/2008 8:55:17 AM


Remember the movie "Bruce Almighty"-gawd was an AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

Fast forward to '08...

*hears fundie heads exploding worldwide*

7/28/2008 2:36:00 PM


Yes, Hollywood is well known for it's ability to accurately predict the future. I'd forgotten about that.

7/28/2008 3:25:51 PM

So if Obama is elected an asteroid will impact us? Well see here's the thing... he's only HALF African descent, so it won't be as big as in the movie.

7/28/2008 5:43:44 PM

Glock 20

Maybe it's time to start "Morons Say the Darndest Things".

7/28/2008 7:04:23 PM

Chancellor Gorkon


That's why we need to elect Bruce Willis!

7/28/2008 10:52:59 PM


"You know what happened at the end..."

Yes, they managed to stop the asteroid from destroying the entire planet by splitting it into two smaller ones, resulting in only one, far smaller asteroid hitting Earth.

So, Obama will save the world?

7/29/2008 12:34:41 AM

Lucifer's Penis

Sheesh, I don't get this. This doesn't make any fucking sense. This is one of the best examples of non-sequitor
that I have ever come across.
But, then again-Rapture Ready. It explains the whole thing.

7/29/2008 5:07:08 AM



Seen it...

7/29/2008 5:33:50 AM

Full Metal Geneticist

Is'nt the world saved from total destruction by his actions?

I am pretty sure taking half a smack from a comet is better than taking a full impact.

7/29/2008 11:38:20 AM

Darth Vader... For Freedom

Nibien, questioning the intent doesn't make somebody a "fundie." Take off your inquisitor's hood and stop with the witch hunt.

That being said, I think there's an obvious ractist subtext to the statement above. Notice that the words "African-American" are in caps. The poster is attempting to link the election of an African-American president with the destruction of the earth in order to scare people away from Obama. With this "reasoning," we could never vote a black candidate into office, even if he were a conservative Republican.

7/29/2008 11:41:41 PM

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