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Further, it [evolution] doesn't meet any of the qualifications of the Scientifuic Method except maybe being able to make a hypothesis (which is to come AFTER observation so its arguable not even that is valid).

Rom831, Rapture Ready 4 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Big One

I don't know what is this Scientifuic Method you're talking about.

Is that some sort of prophecy-making method ? You seem to say that it need to state things before they actualy happen.

10/25/2011 4:39:48 AM


And further on - two years to be exact - in Kitzmiller vs. Dover, the evidence & testimony of it ['Intelligent Design'] didn't meet any of the qualifications of the stringent, fact-based deliberations of the Christian Conservative Judge John E. Jones III, except making a complete laughingstock of the defence's case:

(which AFTER observation, didn't need to be arguable to make it invalid[/i])

As a result of which, after Judge Jones' decision:


Was the final nail knocked into the coffin of the whole Evolution (Atheism) vs Creationism (Religion) debate. And guess who was the hammer-wielding funeral director, and who was the rotting, pustulent corpse finally laid to rest?

Thus via 'Intelligent Design' (and by definition, Creationism) not meeting any of the quallifications of the Scientific Method - and instead dcemonstrating the Scientifuic(k up) Method, therefore Evolution is fact. Creationism is lies. The law says so (Romans 13:1-5, and all that jazz).

Deal with it.

@Big One

"I don't know what is this Scientifuic Method you're talking about."

'[Sic] Transit Gloria Mundi' Award, anyone? ('Sic Transit Gloria Mundi' translates as 'Gloria threw up in the back of the van on the 2nd day of the week' [/smartarse] X3 )

10/25/2011 6:52:55 AM


In fact we have witnessed changes in animal development. We've altered it ourselves through specialized breeding, we noticed it's occurance after domesticating and seperating them from the full population.

Name one farm animal, raised for food product that exists in the wild. They're all dumber more docile variations of free species.

10/29/2011 11:50:19 AM


Prediction of evolutionary biology: Repeated exposure of a population to poisons will lead to the development of resistance, as those individuals last longer in the presence of the poison will have more offspring.

Observation: The bacteria that infected my right ear when I was eight years old were resistant to drugs that would have cured me in hours if I'd been infected by their ancestral strain thirty years before. So I had to spend thirty-six hours with an IV drip of second-round antibiotics before they were all dead.

Conclusion: Evolutionary biology makes testable and verified predictions. And Your Argument Is Invalid.

10/29/2011 4:26:56 PM

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