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You are one of the most stupid people I know. A Christian lawyer works ethically, those that don't have Christian beliefs are willing to twist the truth to fit their needs.

Programmer, ChiefsPlanet 46 Comments [7/30/2008 4:19:37 AM]
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Submitted By: funky fresh salad

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Way to go ass! You broke my irony meter.

7/30/2008 4:20:36 AM

Capn' Mel

"...those that don't have Christian beliefs are willing to twist the truth to fit their needs."

But... I thought that was what christianity was all about. Isn't that what you people do best?

7/30/2008 4:25:25 AM


"lawyer works ethically"

Does not compute.

This also vaguely reminds me of all the ones about the legal rights of demons. Maybe they should get Christian lawyers.

7/30/2008 4:30:33 AM

Allegory for Jesus

This person needs to meet a creationist...

7/30/2008 4:34:39 AM



*head explodes

7/30/2008 4:38:23 AM

Malkavian Jeff

Programmer: Woah, Why is this mirror here right after I said that?

7/30/2008 4:47:36 AM


"Lawyer"? "Ethically"?


7/30/2008 5:25:47 AM


I think you're also confusing ethics with morals ;)

7/30/2008 5:32:34 AM


So the guys who wrote the Bible weren't true christians?

7/30/2008 5:33:57 AM


Excuse me,Oh So Shiny Mirror Award Winner, but those with Christian believes are quite happy to twist and trim the truth to fit their needs and agendas.

7/30/2008 5:36:49 AM


I'm sorry, i just can't read any sentance with the words "Lawyer" and "Ethically" in it

7/30/2008 5:37:36 AM


I am willing to accept your argument, if you define the parameters of "Christian beliefs."

I mean, is this the same ol' morality argument all over again?

Sure, those who have ethics will have a natural tendency to work ethically, but does that imply all ethics are based on Christianity?

On a wider scale, does religion imply morality?

7/30/2008 7:09:31 AM


NO lawyer works ethically especially in the USA.
Why do you think that 25% of the entire prison population on this planet is in the USA.

7/30/2008 9:31:04 AM


Ok, as a lawyer I'll say this... we created fundies to make us look better. Fundie lawyers are an accidental mutant hybrid...


7/30/2008 10:35:41 AM

Captain Janeway

Yes, because Christian legal groups such as The Alliance Defense Fund and The American Centre for Law & "Justice" are completely ethical when they assist in the passage of laws diminishing women's rights over their own bodies and Constitutional amendments to disenfranchise gays people.

7/30/2008 11:00:48 AM


lol.... just lol.

7/30/2008 11:16:58 AM


those that don't have Christian beliefs are willing to twist the truth to fit their needs.

- -Like GWB and the Iraq War???? The President who lied to his people to start a personal-interest war!

There are none so blind as those who will not see!

7/30/2008 12:04:15 PM

Philbert McAdamia

I am reminded of a tombstone I saw once...

John Strange
- Attorney -
. . . .
Here lies an
honest lawyer,
that is

7/30/2008 12:21:18 PM

Mister Spak

The christian lawyers work for Wolfram & Hart.

7/30/2008 1:09:42 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Have you me the DA from Dallas?

7/30/2008 1:14:46 PM

The Jamo

Wow! That mirror sure is shiny!

7/30/2008 1:29:12 PM


Lawyers have no ethics. That's the first thing they teach you in law school.

7/30/2008 1:34:26 PM


Ahh of course. They are a lawyer but a Christian so they work ethically. Kind of like other Christians who work ethically. Just not with any sense of morals and don't really care for others. Christians do not have a monopoly on morals

7/30/2008 2:27:18 PM


Name one Christian lawyer who works ethically.

7/30/2008 3:19:02 PM


*dies laughing* that's brilliant!

7/30/2008 4:54:12 PM

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