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If an exorcism takes over five seconds, it will fail because it's not being done in faith.

DoctorDoom, FreeConservatives 7 Comments [7/31/2008 8:16:27 PM]
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Sounds like a rush job...

8/17/2008 3:27:20 AM


Does the 5 secs include the time taken to tie up and beat the 'possessed' victim, or are we only counting the time it takes to do the verbal componant? Just askin'...

8/17/2008 9:58:43 AM


You are confusing an exorcism with fucking.

8/20/2008 4:10:42 PM

The same thought crossed my mind John.

12/8/2008 11:29:14 PM

a mind far far away

The only reason it shouldn't take over 5 seconds is because he's afraid there are tougher laws on torture leading to murder than just plain murder.

12/9/2008 12:18:21 AM


Oh yeah, but you see, likewise if you want to summon the Death, you need a lil' bit of mouse blood and pieces of stuff - but every wizard knows it's *got* to be done *properly* with octograms and candles and stuff. Right?

So, sure, you can just tell the demons to "GTFO", but somehow, reducing ancient, highly solemn rites to four letters tends to kill the charm, no?

12/9/2008 12:26:22 AM

Auntie Christ

One of the reasons why exorcisms are clearly BS is precisely because they take over 5 secs imo. An omnipotent God can do things as quickly as he likes, so why should it take any longer? Same for faith healing.

12/9/2008 12:49:43 AM

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