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Have you ever looked at the demographics of your own neighborhood? I have and this is what I see call me racist if you will but facts are facts. Middle class neighborhoods across this country are being overrun by minorities. This in it self means nothing really but they are being integrated into hard working middle class neighborhoods bringing in there gang culture and animistic values with them. The Government is throwing these worthless parasites in our communities through special financing and Section 8 housing. I have no problem living with hard working minorities that earn there place to live beside me I do have a problem with these wel-fare rejects that move into the neighborhoods and bring in there drugs and gang culture that get special treatment. They are on wel fare, the government gives them special treatment so they can infiltrate our culture and you best not open your mouth against this integration or you will be labeled a racist. You work hard trying to provide the best living for your family you can paying your $1200.00 per month mortgage and all the bills that come along with it, Then you start to see an influx of minorities move into the neighborhood that don't work that don't pay there bills that are given a hand out to live in the very same area that you do for nothing! They bring with them there don't give a shit attitudes, there ghetto music, drug traffic, every neighborhood that this happens to dies with in a few short years here in OKC you can follow the trail and see once thriving subdivisions quickly turn into run down ghettos. I have seen this first hand the Ghettos use to be east of Bryant ave in okc now they are at my door step all you can do is sell and move out but you know that is only a short fix because no matter where you move the trash is sure to follow. I wish that they would allow these parasites to move into the elite areas on the city and truly intergrate them with no class , no culture, minorities let them trash out the rich neighborhoods. I have nothing against Blacks or Hispanics but gosh darn it if they can't afford to live in a nice neighborhood then damn it make them stay in there ghettos and away from my family. Thats all I have to say about that! Cry Angry

NewWorldOrder, PrisonPlanet 1 Comments [7/31/2008 9:39:44 PM]
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Something should not be making me think of South Park's, "Minorities in My Water Park" song.

6/8/2011 1:47:45 AM

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