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Dan +†+ said... [quoting someone else in the first line]

"If "atheism" is a "religion", then: abstinence" is a "sex position"

'abstinence' is indeed a 'position' taken on the subject of 'sex'

"If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice"- Rush (Freewill)

So, atheism is a religion.

Dan +†+, Debunking Atheists 27 Comments [7/31/2008 8:13:51 PM]
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Mr Blur

Well, you're just an idiot aren't you?

9/30/2008 9:41:18 AM


If you really believe that 'position' was used to indicate an opinion, you really missed the point. On the other hand, maybe you were trying to be clever by twisting the words. Well, you've been doing that for 2000 years, so you've had plenty of practice. Atheism is a religion like bald is a hair colour.

9/30/2008 11:05:04 AM



9/30/2008 11:42:13 AM


I don't think Geddy meant it quite like that....

9/30/2008 12:10:37 PM


I don't think Geddy meant it quite like that....

9/30/2008 12:10:50 PM


Ooooooh Virgin Fail

9/30/2008 1:29:01 PM

El Guapo

As usual, a well-chosen Rush lyric always wins a debate. Those guys totally blow my mind.

9/30/2008 2:26:30 PM


Please get Congress to recognize practitioners of Atheism as tax-exempt.

For example, I am the Lord High Deacon of the CowTown Homebrew and Barbecue Church of the Flaming Swine. I claim a tax dodge!

9/30/2008 3:28:52 PM


And "bald" is indeed a "hair" away from being a "color"?

9/30/2008 3:56:49 PM


Wait, you're quoting a song about atheism, from a band so atheist they took offense at being called "satanic" because it implied they belived in God, as PROOF for Christianity? Oh my...

6/1/2009 8:58:37 AM


No, those undecided are agnostics. Learn about your enemies, fool!

6/1/2009 1:21:21 PM

Abstinence could be, why not, a contraconceptive method, don´t you think?. Well, thanks for unintentionally deconfirming your thesis.

8/8/2009 5:16:47 AM


Again, NO. Look it up idiots

8/8/2009 12:00:06 PM


First off, as the biggest Rush fan I know: Rush quote for the lose.

Obviously, using an alternate definition of "position" doesn't strengthen your argument. I'm not clever enough to come up with another example of wordplay like this right now though.

6/3/2010 8:28:38 PM


Either you're an idiot or you're being wilfully ignorant and deliberately misinterpreting what he's saying. Either way, GTFO my gene pool.


6/3/2010 10:26:56 PM


How DARE you use the Holy lyrics of the Sacred Trinity as justification for your stupidity. May the curse of The Geddy, The Alex, and the Holy Neil be upon you!

7/18/2010 2:37:41 PM


Wait, wasn't this the same guy who said that atheists eat babies?

8/19/2010 7:38:49 PM



"Wait, wasn't this the same guy who said that atheists eat babies?"

you dont say...

"there aint nothin wrong with eatin babies. when jesus was president he used to eat babies all the time... or was it satan? - one of them ate babies"

8/19/2010 8:53:53 PM


All horses are animals. All cats are animals. Thus, all horses are cats.

Logic, fundie style. For the 875 675th time this year - lack of belief in god is no more a religion than not believing in Santa Claus is a religion.

8/19/2010 11:41:08 PM

Rapax Pringer

Wait... what?

8/20/2010 1:43:09 AM


People who do not think do not get to quote Rush (the band). They should refer to Rush (the babbling right-winged moron).

5/30/2011 11:56:33 PM


"If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice"- Rush (Freewill)

So, atheism is a religion."

"Freewill" was written by Rush's Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart.

Geddy Lee is an Atheist.

I love the smell of annihilated arguments - and contradicted fundies - in the morning. Smells like... victory.

...oh, and if Atheism is a religion, then better be prepared to unchain your wallet, Dan. We're owed a shitload of tax rebates. With interest. Backdated.

And since it's you who make the claim that Atheism is a 'religion' well..! >:D

"Permanent Waves". Damn good album, that, next to "2112".

5/31/2011 8:30:54 AM


Fallacious argument using equivocation of the word "position" = FAIL

8/26/2011 5:41:17 PM


a guy who's got a site named "debunking atheists" can't be considered seriously, as unlike bigfoot and the roswell incident, there is quantifiable proof of atheism. Hell, raise your hand if you're an atheist, therefore debunking his debunking of atheists.

double terminology fail


8/26/2011 6:22:30 PM


And your logical fallacy is: ambiguity.

You use multiple possible interpretations of the same English phrase to equate concepts that are not actually the same. In this case, you equate "sex position" (the classification including "doggy style" and "missionary position") with (the classification including "celibate," "abstinence until marriage," and "free love").

1/23/2018 1:22:52 PM

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