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And why do they assume the sun must exist for there to be light?

Rinji, RR - obviously 53 Comments [8/2/2008 4:44:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Journeyer/ExiledAlien

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Why do you assume God must exist for the universe...

Wait, I think I fucked up somewhere.

8/2/2008 4:47:09 AM


Cause a flashlight won't help me get my bronze on.

8/2/2008 4:49:09 AM


Because when the sun goes away there is no light?

8/2/2008 4:50:40 AM


See that bright thing in the day sky? That's our sun. They don't make flashlights that big.

8/2/2008 4:52:17 AM


Why are it be dark?

8/2/2008 5:01:30 AM


Let's explain this in RaptureReady terms.

At sleepytime, when the sun goes bye-bye, it gets dark.

8/2/2008 5:01:45 AM


Holy fucking *headdesk*

8/2/2008 5:08:34 AM


Is he saying that the sun doesn't exist? Or that light can exist without stars? Or ... arghhhh, my brain is hurting so much now.

8/2/2008 5:09:55 AM

Malkavian Jeff

Cause that's where we get our non artificial light.

8/2/2008 5:12:35 AM


According to Genesis, God created light before he created our sun. So he's thinking biblically.

Well, "thinking" may be the wrong term ...

8/2/2008 5:15:15 AM

Hint: When you have to maim reality to this level to keep believing in your religion...

...the religion should be dropped.

Is he saying that the sun doesn't exist? Or that light can exist without stars?

He's probably trying to defend how the Genesis account talks about how God created the light from the Sun before the Sun.

In other words, he's disregarding established fact that not even most fundies question in order to defend a contradiction so obvious that even a five-year old should cry foul. This contradiction is found in a ludicrous myth not even intended to be taken seriously by the Jews who first fielded it.

In other words, it's business as usual over at Rapture Ready:).

8/2/2008 5:29:32 AM



8/2/2008 5:31:42 AM


So just where exactly does Rinji think light comes from?

8/2/2008 5:39:19 AM

The Outsider

That thread is just so weird. It's like some of them are happy that we are mocking them.

8/2/2008 6:06:00 AM


A homeschooled flat-earther.
Could try moving to Mercury - plenty of light there.
Don't bother with a space-suit though.

8/2/2008 6:08:18 AM

Because there are no other known sources?. Because it's been empirically proved?

8/2/2008 6:16:09 AM


@645228 Thank you. But my brain is still trying to sort out the cognitive dissonance. Big hurties...

8/2/2008 6:25:00 AM

I usurped God.

Probably because artificial light doesn't form naturally in space, hence it being called 'artificial'. If the sun wasn't there, where else would light come from? Lightbulb trees?

8/2/2008 6:43:44 AM


What the fuck is this dude seriously still living in 5,000 BC?

8/2/2008 7:39:32 AM


But he's right!

Look here, Journeyer. There's light shining out of my ass.

(Out of concern for visitors' safety, goatse will not be posted this time)

8/2/2008 7:52:07 AM


RR idiot.

8/2/2008 8:12:23 AM


The Bible says so: "And the darkness was upon the face of the deep".... No? Read your fucking Bible

8/2/2008 8:12:53 AM

Princess Rot

What happens when the earth revolves away from the sun, Rinji? You get night on that side of the world. Now take away the sun entirely. All earth will be in darkness.

Damn fool... homeskooling at it's finest.

8/2/2008 8:18:26 AM

Doctor Fishcake

I really shouldn't expose myself to that level of stupidity first thing in the morning, it can't be good for me in the long run.

8/2/2008 8:18:53 AM

Why? Because it's the only source of light in our solar system. If you stumble across another multi-million ton mass of hydrogen undergoing fusion, please let someone know. Hell, you might even get a Nobel Prize out of that.

8/2/2008 9:04:33 AM

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