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I am confused,,,,my niece went to a bible study and I was very proud of her,,,,but when I found out it wasnt "bible study" at all but a study of the "purpose driven life" book, I was very dissapointed! Is this the new age way? I love reading the bible, its the only book we need to study as Christians.

1life, RaptureReady 28 Comments [8/2/2008 5:24:50 PM]
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Books are bad! Unless their the Bible that is...

8/2/2008 5:28:26 PM


You should to read more books.

8/2/2008 5:32:38 PM


Oh noes! Not a book other than t3h babble!

Your confusion stems from your inability to understand that people like to be left alone. I guess your "pride" quickly went away when you learned (bad choice of words. I doubt you've learned very much in your lifetime) she didn't have orgasms studying that stupid book.

8/2/2008 5:46:51 PM


Yes, because heaven forbid you Rapturites lead any kind of a purpose-driven life.

8/2/2008 5:55:54 PM


This child needs more hellfire and damnation in her wicked, sinful life. She needs the fear of gawd drilled into her. Everything else is just satanic hippie claptrap.

8/2/2008 6:08:19 PM


No, the Bible isn't safe for people to read either, unless you are reading it from the original scrolls. These "new age" bound books are unnecessary to Christians.

8/2/2008 6:14:13 PM


And here I thought the author of "The Purpose Driven Life" *was* a Christian!

8/2/2008 6:20:42 PM


Sometimes I get asked "Why don't you read the Bible?" I always respond with "Why don't you read something else?"

8/2/2008 6:34:05 PM


Oh, well that explains everything!

8/2/2008 7:29:35 PM


Well, anything that prevents people from reading "The Purpose Driven Life' is fine by me.

8/2/2008 7:37:52 PM

Old Viking

If you enjoy slaughter, perversions, misogyny, slavery, treachery and similar pastimes, the Bible is definitely the book to go with.

8/2/2008 7:41:01 PM


What the fuck are you so confused about? Sounds straight forward to me. Your niece did something you didn't like so now you're going to bitch about it to strangers on the internet. Now you are no longer confused. STFU and get a life.

@ Osiris:
Well said, I may use that if the opportunity presents itself.

8/2/2008 8:45:40 PM


Wow. The only book they need to study and after all this time they still haven't managed to actually understand... pretty much any of it.

Yet those of us with an actual desire to not have our heads shoved up our...

yeah, we can see logical fallacies without even looking away from the book.

8/2/2008 8:59:14 PM


Yes everything you need to know about survival in the 21st century is in the Bible....... ****headdesk!****

8/2/2008 9:34:57 PM


So, stop using cars, computers, phones, doctors, stores and any thing involved with science and technology.
You fail as a human. Your delusion means more to you than family. Time to recycle your carbon.

8/2/2008 10:27:59 PM


Rick Warren? New Age? How far off into fundieland do you need to be to see that?

8/2/2008 11:25:15 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Then study the Bible devoid of the insights brought to it by other people and other books. You will give up on being a Christian shortly after doing so.

8/2/2008 11:35:22 PM


RaptureReadyites are fundie even to the fundies.

8/3/2008 1:24:10 AM


You didn't read much as a chid, did you?

8/3/2008 4:02:11 AM


There are better books out there, you know. More scholarly, more erudite, less silly.

John Campbell's Myths To Live By would be a good start.

8/3/2008 5:14:14 AM


"but when I found out it wasnt "bible study" at all but a study of the "purpose driven life" book, I was very dissapointed!"

Oh noes! She isn't reading the same book that you haven't read! She's going to Hell because of that.

8/3/2008 5:40:50 AM


I don't know the book, so I looked it up. Why the hell is the author asking for donations on his board? Why not just have a 'purchase my book' button.

Other than that, it looks like a typical fundie book. It seems to have a lot of 'kiss Hanks ass' bullshit.

8/3/2008 6:01:43 AM


Try reading "The Handmaidens Tale" to see what "true" christianity is all about.
RUPTURE READY squeaks again.

8/3/2008 10:03:33 AM

Sentry Gun

Kids need the Bible. TV is not violent enough.

12/30/2011 4:03:18 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Never actually read that imbecilic pile of crap, have you?

6/24/2013 6:57:57 PM

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