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Anyway I guess the homosexual agenda is just part of a wider agenda and that's what troubles me.

525000, POD Warrior Forum 8 Comments [9/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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What is it with these people and agendas? It's like, every person on the face of the earth who isn't exactly like them is out to get them. Total persecution complex.

3/6/2008 1:04:32 PM


Here is my homosexual agenda: #1 get equal rights. #2 find a nice guy that i love. #3 find a good hair product. how evil ìs that?

5/19/2008 10:27:57 AM


Yes, it is part of a wider agenda: equality!

5/19/2008 10:54:41 AM


First tell us what the homosexual agenda is, then perhaps we can look into that.

5/19/2008 11:37:13 AM


Yes, they're out to get YOU!

5/19/2008 12:29:17 PM

Or a signal that you haven´t taken your meds.

8/11/2009 1:47:48 PM


They've figured it Out!!. The Gay rights agenda is part of the bigger equality for all agenda.

and you know what that means

A World Government.

Curses foiled again.

8/11/2009 2:10:04 PM


It's the milkman conspiracy. They are behind everything. Don't you watch The History Channel?

4/13/2010 5:48:13 PM

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