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Problem 1 with evolution, never been a mid evolution critter found. Problem 2 with evolution, if a species mutated into another species in ONE step (to agree with the fossil records) then TWO had to mutate at the same time in the same location else the mutation would die out in one lifespan. Problem 3 with evolution, assuming the earth is 3 billion years old, that ain't long enough assuming 2 mutations at a time to produce the current (let alone exinct) critters from one primordial protoplasmic ooze. Problem 4 with evolution, Third LAW of Thermodynamics - object move towards chaos, not greater structure. BTW, problem 4 makes the theory invalid by itself.

gmrimel, American Shorei-Goju 21 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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The platypus?
And technically every animal is a "mid evolution critter"

Gradual progress. A group of one species gets separated in two different locations with no way to reach each other. Group A is perfectly adapted to its environment so doesn't evolve. Group B is not adapted to its new environment so evolves to become so. After a while it is now a different species. Group B manages to find a way back to where Group A is. Group B is more successful and dries Group A to extinction . The fossil record shows Group A suddenly disappearing and Group B suddenly appears.

The earth is 4.5 billion years old and your assumption is spectacularly wrong.

You mean the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and entropy is allowed to decrease in some parts of the system if there is a sufficient increase in another part. The sun more than provides the increase in entropy needed.

8/27/2007 4:30:40 PM

Professor M

Wow...that's some pretty severe overestimation of gmrimel's level of scientific knowledge on his own part. He's still harping on the difference between "law" and "theory."

8/27/2007 4:49:46 PM


I see gmrimel's genetic stock evolving a sort of crouching posture...thicker cranium to protect the vacuum within...probably beetle-browed with nonexistent forehead...either no neck at all, or extra neck vertebrae...a kangaroo's tail for support and balance....

8/27/2007 5:13:37 PM


Problem with creation 1 it never happened.

8/27/2007 6:25:59 PM


1: Look in a mirror. No, I'm not kidding, all humans are still evolving. If you had any idea what the hell you were talking about, you'd know "mid-evolution" is utterly meaningless, since you don't "stop" evolving.

2: Species don't just suddenly jump to being totally different. Again, you've proved you have no clue what you're talking about.

3: 3 billion years is a damn long time, sparky. And, of course, you're going off a premise you don't even understand.

4: Congratulations! You have no idea what thermodynamics is, either. The little bubble of order we call "Earth" is a drop in the bucket compared to the slow but inevitable decay of our own sun. A really, REALLY fucking small drop.

BTW, go back to science class.

8/27/2007 6:53:50 PM


that's a whole lot of WRONG right there.

8/27/2007 6:59:29 PM

All life is mid evolution. As evolution does not have an end.

8/27/2007 7:52:41 PM


This is so stupid i don't know where to begin.

8/28/2007 12:03:35 AM


Problem 1: what would you accept as a creature caught in "mid-evolution?"

Problem 2: not so. An altered gene or cluster of genes will spread through a closed or isolated population over time regardless of whether it is physically, visibly expressed in offspring or not.

Problem 3: You got the age of the planet wrong. And do you have any idea, any at all, how long 4.5 billion years really IS?

Problem 4: in a closed system, entropy tends towards a maximum. Earth isn't a closed system, guy--the sun is pumping a continuous flow of energy into this planet's system as it slowly eats through its supply of fuel.

8/28/2007 12:35:06 AM


Problem 1: Ooooh, that's wrong. Sorry.

Problem 2: Ouch! Swing and miss. Do try again.

Problem 3: I'm so sorry, but you're completely off the mark here.

We usually only give three chances, but have another for good measure.

Problem 4: ... well. Maybe science isn't something for you. Come back after you've completed grammar school.

8/28/2007 2:38:52 AM

mid evolution? I can see it now

WTF!!!! That fish has an arm coming out of it!!!

8/28/2007 3:35:52 AM


Problem 1: what would you accept as a creature caught in "mid-evolution?"

a crockoduck?

8/28/2007 4:29:27 AM


Wow, you haven't done any biology at all have you?

8/28/2007 5:20:11 AM


Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear.

Problem 1 poses no actual problem, since if that were to happen, the theory would be disproved. Then again, that seems to be the only criterion to get you fucking idiots to believe something, so bring on the mutant turtle-pandas.

Problem 2 also poses no problem, since evolution by definition occurs within populations of organisms, not one at a time. Idiot.

Problem 3 - what.

Problem 4 - It's the SECOND law, moron, and if you don't understand it, don't talk about it. CLOSED SYSTEMS, not OBJECTS, move toward greater OVERALL disorder. Greater order can be achieved if it is accompanied by an emission of heat or something that excites the surrounding area into a state of greater disorder. DUH.

BTW, no it doesn't.

8/28/2007 7:08:23 AM


if you use thermodynamics to disprove evolution you also disprove growth, seed to tree, embyro to human. Why do these people never think?

8/28/2007 1:32:32 PM


Every species that exists, has ever existed, or ever will exist, is a transitional species - transitional between what it was, and what it may become if evolutionary forces go to work on it.

But a fundie wouldn't understand something even that simple.

8/28/2007 8:14:58 PM


note: The laws of thermodynamics only apply in a closed system. The Earth is not a closed system.


4/6/2011 6:46:24 PM

I've been waiting for a chance to use this. You Fail Knowledge Forever.

9/18/2011 8:27:07 PM


1) Thousands of transitional fossils have been found. You idiots just refuse to accept them.
2) Evolution doesn't work like that.
3) More like 4.5 billion and that is plenty of time.
4) The 2nd law only applies in a closed system. The earth isn't a closed system, it's powered by the sun.

9/5/2012 2:33:02 PM

Emperor Cheney

We aren't evolving. Individuals don't evolve, only a species evolves.

2/26/2013 5:37:20 PM


You don't even know what the Third Law says: The heat capacity of all materials approaches zero as the temperature approaches (absolute) zero. OK, Bozo, what is "heat capacity" and how is it measured? How does this imply that absolute zero is unattainable?

Don't know, do you?

2/26/2013 10:09:07 PM

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