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First of all I want to share with you all about the so called flood.
There was no "Flood of Noah" in terrestrial terms IMHO.
It all happened in the heavens, although it must have caused endless hurricanes, storms, rains, and thunder -- perhaps for years.
I suspect that the 'flood' represented the fall of the Absu, the equatorial rings surrounding the Earth.

The Absu disappeared suddenly, around 2349 BC, perhaps in a matter of days, because of an interaction with Venus and a change in the orbit of Earth.

This moved the Earth further away from the Sun and toward the established orbital path of the Moon.
There was no moon in orbit of earth before that time.
Moved further from the Sun, to a new location of lower potential in the electrical field of the Sun, the Earth would have started discharging to the surrounding space. Such a discharge would normally be very slow, in dark mode, and lasting thousands of years. The disruption caused by Venus was rapid, and the nearby Moon provided an additional electrical path into the space facing away from the Sun.

pplwakeup, Above Top Secret 11 Comments [8/16/2008 4:23:44 PM]
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8/16/2008 5:36:54 PM


Astronomy and geology does not work like that. I think. I really have no fucking clue what he was saying.

8/16/2008 7:36:43 PM


This is insane, but where is the conspiracy? I think we should have a separate section "Total Loonies Say The Darndest Things".

8/16/2008 7:46:14 PM


You wanna run that by me again?

8/16/2008 7:52:10 PM

Old Viking

He can't hurt you, folks. That's quarter-inch plexiglass.

8/16/2008 11:57:56 PM

If they knew anything about gravity and orbits, they would know that this is not possible.

8/17/2008 1:26:40 PM

There is something worse than taking the Bible literarilly. Looking for aliens in the Biblical texts.

8/17/2008 2:09:20 PM

Moon Wolfhowl

I don't know what the hell he's talking about, but "Absu" is a cool name. I'mma steal it.

8/17/2008 9:22:56 PM


There was a thrash-metal band from Texas in orbit?


8/18/2008 4:24:11 AM


yeah but you're making shit up.

So.... STFU.

8/18/2008 5:54:51 AM


I googled on Absu to see where this loony got his ideas from and the only Absu was the band. I sounds like he's channeling their lyrics.

8/18/2008 12:09:47 PM

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