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[The following is actually a series of five consecutive youtube posts by one poster]

There's no such thing as autism. Autism is another word for "I don't like you". Parent(s) get mad at their kids for not giving them any attention. They get mad, convince the doctors to diagnose it as a disease, and then get their revenge. The doctors go along with it because adding another condition doesn't hurt their wallets. Anything that most autistic children do is normal, and all if not most children do the same. The convictions of the doctors and parents are strong, and people fall for it.

So, basically, it's narcisstic individuals who are manipulating the public through physicians, who themselves may be narcisstic, to become narcisstic. They know that people will fall for it because most people believe everything physicians tell them. That's not to say that all physicians are bad. There are bad apples in every basket. But the narcisstic ones, who can control their narcissim, will convince people to blame the ones with criminal records, or the ones with low grades or exam scores.

Interesting note... I just found out that autism has a link with Catholicism. I just did a web search, and found a ton of autism sites with Catholic organisations. It may be possible that the Catholic church is attempting to Catholicise America, or possibly the world. It might be a stretch, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

And isn't Jenny McCarthy Catholic?

If you type "autism catholic" in the search box of any internet search engine, you'll get a ton of sites linking the two.

And don't Catholic churches emphasize visual aesthetics? Check out a local Catholic church. Aesthetics is a huge part of Catholicism. That's why you'll tend to see the beautiful colored glass work in the windowpanes of Catholic churches, in addition to the ornate architecture.

xxxXXXHotLicksXXXxxx, Youtube 17 Comments [8/24/2008 1:17:49 PM]
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This has got to be a poe.

8/24/2008 1:33:56 PM

Thousands of diagnosed kids and the very few who have been cured have a TOTALLY different opinion. And they don't care what an illiterate white trash with no degree or training in medicine whatsoever thinks.

8/24/2008 1:55:31 PM



8/24/2008 2:18:18 PM


Hang on. Are you saying that catholic churches use brightly coloured windows to lure pretend-autistic children inside as part of their plan to indoctrinate the entire world?

I would so watch that movie.

8/24/2008 3:26:53 PM


I'm autistic (well, I have Asperger's) and was baptized Catholic so I'm really getting a kick out of this post.

8/24/2008 9:24:05 PM


8/25/2008 2:52:32 AM

Look at the username. Definitely a poe.
Unfortunately, that thread is full of anti-vaccination bullshit from people who aren't Poes.

8/25/2008 7:02:55 PM


What an idiot, yep those ebil doctors are out to take over the world. What an idiot.
Well so is the bitch in the video also.

8/26/2008 12:38:13 AM


A suggestive username does not always mean Poe. A lot of teenage girls on the internet use name like that.

8/26/2008 2:16:30 AM


I have Asperger's and was raised Catholic. D'ya think they lace the Communion wafers with something?
This is the nuttiest rant on autism since Michael Savage put his foot in his mouth. Again.

8/28/2008 1:35:00 AM


What does pretty glass have to do with autism?

8/29/2008 2:34:43 AM

Starts absurd, goes downhill from there.

8/29/2008 10:40:25 PM


You are an idiot. Also, I doubt you are Straight Edge, so take those fucking x's out of your name.

8/31/2008 8:40:32 AM


@Delirium: Peas in a pod. I'm starting to wonder if there's any aspect of me fundies DON'T hate.

12/12/2008 7:27:17 PM


POE. No one is THAT stupid

4/19/2010 7:29:27 PM

Anon E Mouse

Hey, HotLicks - autism.

3/21/2012 11:21:43 PM

Mix Master Mikaeus

@Moondog, Marlowe, Delirium: Well crap, that makes four of us. I have Asperger syndrome and I was raised Catholic. This is quite a creepy coincidence.

If it turns out we're all some sort of vampire-hunting sleeper agent for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith or some crazy occult shit like that, I can't say I'll be surprised.

(NOTE: I'm mostly kidding, guys. Don't quote me on this.)

3/27/2013 2:57:13 AM

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