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Agreed. I watched this last night because a friend at work said "you've got to see it, it's awesome". Little did I know. It goes without saying that I'm never trusting that persons judgement in anything anymore. This is the second movie that he said was good and it was garbage.

It's so obvious that they're putting these movies out to prepare us for the inevitable biological attack that they're planning on us, so everyone will think it's terrorists, or an act of god and we'll all bow down in submission. Give me a break.

Complete garbage is right.

Amazing Robie, IMDb ("Children of Men" board) 8 Comments [8/28/2008 2:20:44 AM]
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All real life conspiracies are connected to the Helvetica typeface. Is there any wonder why it's on all the public signage?

8/28/2008 7:14:19 AM

Doctor Fishcake

Why would "they" put out a film with so many subtle subversive undertones?

You fail at conspiracy theory.

8/28/2008 9:55:27 AM



8/28/2008 1:35:42 PM


You fail at watching movies. Children of Men was a damn good movie. Not the best but damn good.

8/28/2008 11:25:33 PM

It's funny. Last time my synapses worked I knew that:
a)Fiction is fiction.
b)The disaster in the novel, which I read, happened in 1995. I think that we have 13 years of delay.

8/29/2008 8:17:00 PM

Got a bit off topic did we?

8/30/2008 1:24:07 PM



8/31/2008 10:22:42 PM


Awwwhh, I liked Children of Men, but since it is SO obviously preparing us for the biological attacks I can no longer enjoy it.

11/20/2011 10:24:00 PM

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