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Please do not let your child participate in yoga!!! She will experience spiritual attacks if you do!!!

FaithContender, Rapture Ready 38 Comments [8/28/2008 9:21:37 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

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You should be more concerned about real things like pedophiles. Yoga seems like it would be a real issue with that sort of thing.

8/28/2008 9:24:14 PM


"She will experience exercise, discipline and control over her body if you do!"


8/28/2008 9:25:05 PM


But Yoga will allow your child to defend themselves by shooting fireballs and stretching their limbs!

8/28/2008 9:26:50 PM


idiot. Then keep your child home and teach them. You people are in serious need of a life.

8/28/2008 9:27:34 PM


Keep your child in a basement away from the rest of the world if you want. Don't tell other people how to raise their kids.

8/28/2008 9:33:23 PM


Paranoid much?

8/28/2008 9:38:38 PM


sure she will, the fat from her body will be attacked by the demon of exersise.

8/28/2008 9:49:38 PM


Ohnoez! Exzersizez!!

8/28/2008 10:10:28 PM


Getting into shape. It's so evil *breathing heavely* Get me a burger, large fries and a diet soda. Cancel that soda. Too fattening.

8/28/2008 10:19:08 PM


The spiritual attacks of flexibility!

8/28/2008 10:19:35 PM


I always felt that way about Soccer.

8/28/2008 10:21:53 PM


Isn't that warning on the box of Wii Fit?

8/28/2008 10:24:08 PM

You know that you're a nerd when you instantly think "street fighter."

8/28/2008 10:28:39 PM


It may but it'll keep her nice and trim!

8/28/2008 10:35:07 PM

Mrs. Antichrist

Please do not let your child participate on Rapture Ready!!! She will experience severe brain damage if you do!!!

8/28/2008 10:38:22 PM


You guys are really living in the wrong country if you don't want your kids to be exposed to ideas and practices from other cultures, don't you think? Maybe you should move.

8/28/2008 10:51:31 PM

El O. Ell

How would a method of exercise cause spiritual attacks?

8/28/2008 10:55:13 PM

David D.G.

Please do not let your child participate in yoga!!! She will experience spiritual attacks if you do!!!

Impossible! She can't be attacked by a demon while she's in the very act of exorcising!


~David D.G.

8/28/2008 11:41:30 PM

A. Person

@David D.G.


8/28/2008 11:49:11 PM


OK, Yoga is evil, whatever. Tell me if 'Yogurt' is also evil, then I think that's it for the Y's.

8/28/2008 11:54:12 PM


Funny, even if I've never heard of this "Rapture Retards" site. (:

8/29/2008 12:06:38 AM


I thought those were leg cramps.

8/29/2008 12:12:40 AM


Yoga isn't a religion. Yoga is bad for fundies because it reminds them of all those people who have more money and better bodies than they do.

8/29/2008 12:46:23 AM



So it's okay for my child to practice Yoga if he's a boy, then?

8/29/2008 1:10:05 AM

Allegory for Jesus

"She will experience spiritual attacks..."

...from paranoid Christians.

8/29/2008 1:11:48 AM

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