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[on what they would do if elected president]

Crime - We will adopt the Turkish method, the first time you steal, you lose your right hand. There is no more life sentences.
If convicted, you will be put to death by the same method you chose for your victim; gun, knife, strangulation, etc.

funmudder, Rapture Ready 69 Comments [8/29/2008 3:30:01 PM]
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Charming. WWJD?

8/29/2008 3:31:17 PM


So... you're saying that the legal system of an Islamic country is superior to our (more or less) Judeo-Christian system?

8/29/2008 3:36:49 PM


I see, so we're completely eliminating state's rights and beefing up the central federal bureaucracy? Small gov't be damned! All hail Emperor and Grand Inquisitor Funmudder!

8/29/2008 3:37:20 PM


Turkey is *not*, repeat *not*, an islamic country.

It's prohibited to wear theoligical garments (headscarfs, fezzes) in schools and governement buildings.

No Sharia law either.

(at least, not yet)

8/29/2008 3:40:25 PM

Happy Heathen

Wow what a wonderful, loving, Christ-like person you are.

8/29/2008 3:42:03 PM


Muslim punishments for the Rapture Retards? Interesting.

8/29/2008 3:44:07 PM

Jesus Klingon

Go move to Turkey if you love it so much there. Get out of my country.

8/29/2008 3:46:18 PM


so then, what punishments would need to be meted out to YOU?

8/29/2008 3:49:10 PM

Mister Spak

If I was elected president, I would put you in a prison where the official religion is islam and you don't leave until you understand why we have separation of church and state.

8/29/2008 3:49:51 PM



Fascinating... I admit to being guilty of assumption.

Just did some quick reading on this. Indeed, Turkey's Constitution is secular, though the majority of the population identifies as Muslim.

Still, I was incorrect. Thanks for letting me know. Glad to learn something new.

8/29/2008 3:56:53 PM


Between these posts, and all the crazy "if Obama is elected we'll never be able to pray in public" posts...I think the Rapture Retards have an insanely warped view of just how much power a president has.

I mean, c'mon...if the president had that kind of power, don't you think atheists, pagans, Muslims, etc., would have been executed or imprisoned some time during the LAST EIGHT YEARS?


8/29/2008 4:00:08 PM


I worked for a year in Turkey and can assure you that this is completely bogus.

Dumb ass. The Turkish people I met were awesome !

8/29/2008 4:01:55 PM


Sounds good to me, with one addition: The first time funmudder and company make an idiotic statement, they lose the offending organ – their heads.

8/29/2008 4:02:35 PM


Love that respect for life.

Also, how does it help a thief become an honest person to chop off a perfectly healthy hand, thereby making it harder to work? And wouldn't that be stigmatizing to those unfortunate people who lose a hand due to disease or accidents?

8/29/2008 4:09:04 PM

And we'll go ahead and isolate everyone with peanut allergies from the rest of decent society...

8/29/2008 4:12:49 PM


Who Would Jesus Maim?

8/29/2008 4:19:11 PM


Yes, adopt Turkish law in the US; when the president mention God one time too many, the military takes over.

8/29/2008 4:20:34 PM

Allegory for Jesus

What beautiful, peaceful, tolerant, and forgiving societies these moral and civilized Christians can concoct...

8/29/2008 4:41:01 PM


Our reaction? "Viva la revolución!"

8/29/2008 4:43:38 PM



Turkey is *not*, repeat *not*, an islamic country.

Well... Not officially. I've heared people say that Turkey is not islamic, in the same way that the USA is not christian.

8/29/2008 4:52:29 PM


Way back when I was a kiddie being dragged to church, we sang a song in Sunday school:

"And they'll know we are Christians by our love..."

8/29/2008 4:56:20 PM


Adopting something from turkish?

They are all but christian mah boi!

8/29/2008 5:12:36 PM


What if the thief is left handed?

And what if Turkey didn't actually do that in the first place and you meant to say Saudi Arabia but it clearly doesn't matter because all those Middle Eastern countries are the same to you people anyway?

8/29/2008 5:14:18 PM


If you attempt to enforce Sharia in my country, your life expectancy can be counted in days.

8/29/2008 5:16:58 PM


not so much fundie as sociopathic

8/29/2008 5:19:25 PM

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