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Can atheist and christians come please?
atheist: why do you actually think there is no God?
theres so many facts around the world. i mean a big bang cant make the whole world. and anyways. who made the bang? who made the universe? who made humans have thousands of launguages? it WAS proven that there was jesus. how does the sun, moon stars etc stand perfect in the same place? if a "bang" happened why didnt another one happen? and anyways since your just science only doesnt it scare you that the world could just stop spinning any second? im not because i have faith.

Christians: what are you catholic or protestant. and why?

Chuck R, Yahoo Answers 14 Comments [8/31/2008 6:30:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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Carbonated Margarine

What's up with your first question, Chuck? You like to watch?

9/5/2008 6:38:35 PM


how does the sun, moon stars etc stand perfect in the same place?


9/10/2008 4:58:21 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"it WAS proven that there was jesus"

[citation needed]

9/10/2008 5:00:14 PM


who made the bang? who made the universe? who made humans have thousands of launguages?

Who. Made. God?

9/10/2008 5:42:44 PM


I'll try to answer his questions...
1)One of the "most plausable" theories, membrane theory (M-Theory) argues that the "current" 11-dimension universe, we exist in, was "created" by the brief intersection of 2 polydimensional membranes in a N-dimensional "superspace".
2) Geographical dispersion of small social/ethnic groups, caused the delevopment of different languages, in response to their immediate enviornment.
With the delevopment of trade, with other different ethnic groups, "loan words" from other languages, gradually became assimilated into a group's core language...
3) It can't be proved that "Jesus Christ" existed, as there is no reference to him, within either Roman or Greek historical records of the era, unlike another "messiah", Simon bar-Kochba, who was executed, for inciting a revolt against Roman occupiers in the 2nd century AD..
4) They don't, as stars can "precess" or move in the sky over time, in relation, to a earth based observer, This is due to the result of the Earth's axial inclination...
5) There is 1 theory of the Universe, the "Cyclic State" Universe that does postulate this, and according to the theory, we're "between bangs"...
6) Ever heard of the concept of "the conservation of momentum" A/k/a inertia...?

9/11/2008 11:32:40 PM

Tormentor of Religion

I would bother explaining a few things, but after the above post... there's just no point to doing that.

3/29/2009 1:49:42 PM

Lady Gray

A Big Bang CAN make the whole universe. No on made the universe. All the matter was always here. The universe is just where the matter is. Humans have thousands of languages because everyone needs to communicate omehow, we can vocalize and I think we can safely say that all the humans on the planet get together for a meeting and some caribou legs to collaborate on languages. Why can't shrapnel explode? The world cannot just stop spinning unless something hits us. Look up inertia. There's too much stupid here.

9/4/2009 3:51:00 PM

Caustic Gnostic

What made Potrzebie? Why did Möbius strip? Who was that lady I saw with you? Did you inhale?

9/4/2009 7:30:09 PM


Even if Jesus existed, think about it, if you were told from birth that you were the son of god, would you start to believe it? Especially back then?

7/20/2011 7:59:59 AM

rubber chicken

Questions are good. Keep asking them. Learn to listen to the answers and use those to come up with new questions. You'll get there.

7/20/2011 9:01:51 AM

The unfairness of the questions -- an interrogation for atheists and a quick, non-challenging note for theists -- amuses me.

2/6/2013 3:01:24 PM

Lady Evil

Questions and statements answered in order:

There is no proof. Thank you, Captain Obvious. What do you know? Who cares? Who says it was a who? How do you explain how many languages are related to each other and why it is possible with time and patience to learn them? (If God really meant to use that to split us up, he failed.) No it wasn't. They don't. Who says it isn't? (The universe is pretty damn big.) Gravity, you dumb schmuck!

And a question for you, Chuck. Are you ever going to learn how to spell, use grammar, learn how and when to use capitals? Do you just hate writing above a second grade level?

2/6/2013 5:47:16 PM

Felix Wilde

Christian: Why do you actually think a Jew from the ancient Middle East is the only god? There are so many deities around the world. I mean a poorly educated carpenter can't make the whole universe. And anyway, who made your god? Who taught him creation? Why are there thousands of Christian sects? It WAS proven that your holy days and rituals are stolen from pagans. Where does the feminine life force come from? Why does the taijitu explain the forces of the universe so well? If one omnipotent omnibenevolent god created everything, why is there suffering? Why didn't he start over and make a better universe? And anyway since you're just Jesus only, doesn't it scare you that maybe he was a false prophet like every other one ever? I'm not because I have the Mother Goddess.

Pagans: Are you revivalist or Neo-Pagan? And why?


2/6/2013 9:49:14 PM

Who made God? And which god did s/he make first?

The sun, moon, stars etc all move around, nothing is stationary.
There was a singularity that suddenly expanded. It might have been the remnants of an earlier Universe.
Gravity can't just suddenly stop.

Christians, why are you not Muslims or Hindus?

Chuck, were these the most intelligent questions you could think of? If so, I pity you.

2/7/2013 4:12:44 AM

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