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There are over 260 of the same accounts of the same flood event. It is an "old book" but it is a good old book meaning that the dating is very dependable compared to radiometric guessing. Every single time period is very well known and understood.

Do you think bloodletting, carrier pigions, horse charriots are better then modern medicine, email, and cars as well?

You must not have ever read the Bible because the Bible speaks of much greater things than email.

Seekmosttoprophesy, Youtube 5 Comments [8/31/2008 7:00:29 PM]
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Viva la focusing on one word only!

8/31/2008 7:48:10 PM


Email gets there fast.

8/31/2008 8:01:38 PM


Yepp, such as countless atrocities and genocide.

8/31/2008 9:11:42 PM



To say nothing of incest, righteous killings, and rape...
Yeah i guess you had it about right.

11/25/2009 8:10:35 AM


Ah, Seekmosttoprophesy, I see your problem.

What mhale71 was doing was giving you a list of examples. You might call it imagery. He's taking a larger point and trying to make it clearer and more vivid by giving examples.

You see, Seekmosttoprophesy, mhale71 isn't talking about any given one of those things specifically. Allow me to translate what mhale71 said into more general terms for you. what mhale71 is saying is:

Do you think that old-fashioned and inefficient things are better than more modern effiecent things?

That was painful to write. What mhale71 said was actually quite nice. My attempt to rephrase it in a way for you to understand it Seekmosttoprophesy isn't nearly as good as what mhale71 wrote. You might want to pay more attention in English class. Next time, maybe you won't miss the point.

Actually, pay more attention in science and history class as well. Oh, and pay more attention to what you are reading in the Bible to. Just pay more attention to what you read in general. Heck, just pay more attention in general.

11/27/2009 4:17:39 PM

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