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[This was posted in response to a news article about Obama's convention speech]

The Great One has spoken from his grand and glorious house of worship "The Temple of Obama". He speaks how he will fix things, while behind the scenes his henchmen strong arm other politicians into saying how much they love him. And his Jezebel Pelosi speaks of when she personally knows when life begins, her word weighing more than the Bible. All of this going on in the Temple of Obama with the white horse mounted on top of this temple, the first of the four horsemen.

bacchianm, News and Observer article comments section 4 Comments [8/31/2008 9:37:10 PM]
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Temple of Obama? What is this? The Legend of Zelda?

8/10/2010 11:09:02 AM

Crimson Lizard

Holy rampant paranoia, Batman!

8/11/2012 10:59:09 AM

Filin De Blanc

Show me where in the Bible it says that life begins at conception.

8/11/2012 11:04:46 AM


According to the Bible, life begins 40 days after birth. That's when you start being counted among your people.

Doesn't Obama speak from the same "grand and glorious house of worship" as Bush did before him? With the big difference that some people actually seemed to worship Bush, while Obama is rather seen as a kind of janitor, here to clean up the incredible mess the former guy-in-chief created.

I haven't heard anybody say they love Obama (well, Michelle probably do, and their kids). I have heard, though, that people think he's doing a fairly slow clean-up job, people expected much more of him than he has delivered.

8/12/2012 12:58:58 AM

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