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"I have been thinking about giving blood for a while, but the situation in my country is quite bad.
We have a multiethnical society with many homosexuals, jews and atheists, and I'm worried that my blood will go to thoose groups.
I would normally consider the thing giving blood as helping your neighbour, but I'm quite worried.
Should or should I not become a blooddoner?"

mandse, www.christianforums.com 59 Comments [8/30/2008 2:03:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Stormwolf

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I could comment on how this dipshit obviously hasn't read the Bible, or how sad the statement is, or a million other things, but I'm sure everyone else will, so...

- A society with homosexuals and atheists is 'multiethnic'?
- WTF is a 'blooddoner'? Makes me want to scream 'blooddonit!'

8/30/2008 2:08:03 PM


He has only made one post, so I say troll.

8/30/2008 2:10:35 PM


Fuck you. I'm a donor, and happy to do it. Donor blood saved my life, and I'm grateful for people who didn't think like you. (There's a label for them--compassionate.) I don't care who gets my blood. I don't even care if you get it if, knock on wood, you need it. Even a disgusting excuse for a person like you can grow into a better one as long as you're alive. I hope that happens to you, and soon.

By the way, even if this is a poe, it pisses me off.

8/30/2008 2:21:07 PM


So don't give blood. And when someone from a ethnicity that is acceptable to you dies because you forgot to donate, you can be damned for it.

8/30/2008 2:28:31 PM


I used to give blood until I got sick and started on medication. Saw my records once - they could give my blood to babies because I didn't have some virus or other, I forget which one. Maybe black babies or muslim ones. The horror!
You know what? I didn't care who they gave it to so long as it helped someone. That's kind of christian isn't it?

8/30/2008 2:36:14 PM

Jesus said "Yes you should" when he said "Love your enemies." I know a lot of Christians don't like that part of the Bible.

8/30/2008 2:44:58 PM


Donate blood so you can save lives. Stop being a hater.

8/30/2008 2:49:46 PM


Translated (to use a commentater's term on another thread), this means: 'I am a racist bigot who does not want my blood going to save the lives of Jews (including Jesus, the Apostles, Paul, all the Marys etc), homosexuals or any others that I consider not worthy of being saved. But I fully expect that (Jew) Jesus will save me and bring me to heaven to share in the company of lots of Jews (including Jesus, the Apostles, Paul, all the Marys etc) who had better show me a lot of respect, regardless.'

What a maroon! as dear Bugs would have said.

Presumably this troglodyte doesn't want any Jewish or multiethnic(al) blood to be transfused into his/her veins in the event he/she is bleeding to death. So please reorganise the whole Transfusion Service on his/her account, right now!

8/30/2008 2:55:16 PM


Please be a Poe...

8/30/2008 3:04:44 PM


I can't comment on that section of the site, so I *hope* he/she comes by here.

Seriously? You hate me so much that if I was lying mangled and bleeding on a hospital gurney, your main fear is that you might accidentally save my life? You're actively hoping that I'll bleed to death, right there?

Have fun on judgment day.

8/30/2008 3:04:48 PM


Read up on the parable of the Good Samaritan to determine just who your neighbours are.

8/30/2008 3:12:33 PM


Are you contagious?

8/30/2008 3:27:50 PM

The Outsider

Exactly one post by this person. Has to be a troll.

8/30/2008 3:35:53 PM


Wow, that's cold.

8/30/2008 3:45:44 PM


I don't think any christian could so fundementaly missunderstand the 'who is my neighbour' question and the answer Jesus provided. I'm just not ready to accept the people that dense actualy exist.

8/30/2008 3:46:40 PM


I cant give blood. under UK laws having sex with another man is an automatic black mark.

Yet someone who goes and fucks someone different every night is fine, even unprotected (as long as there blood passes tests...)

Makes no fucking sense.

8/30/2008 3:58:14 PM


@ IanC: Same here in Good Old Germany.

8/30/2008 4:16:01 PM


I hope your only compatible donor is a gay, black, Jew, with 5 adopted Muslim children, married to his Pagan life partner.

8/30/2008 4:28:09 PM


Jews and Samaritans traditionally hated each other's guts. What did Jesus say the Samaritan did for the wounded Jew?

You want to know what Jesus would do? If he was any sort of good person he'd give blood.

Which reminds me, it's been years since I gave any! I must act on my own convictions!

8/30/2008 4:31:50 PM


You should. Your idiocy can't be passed on through blood donation.

You seem kind of weak on basic Bible principals, such as "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

8/30/2008 4:33:47 PM


@IanC,alex77: I was really humiliated when I found out about the blood ban (the UK one), they don't exactly go out of their way to tell you.
They know exactly how bigoted it looks so they don't put it in their pamphlets (at least not in anything bigger than 9pt) for fear of the bad PR.

8/30/2008 4:34:26 PM


Your white, sanctified, Christian blood will help turn those "multiethnical"s white, those homosexuals straight, and those Jews and atheists into Christians.

For sake of all those heathens, give blood and don't stop until you have no more to give.

8/30/2008 4:40:16 PM



8/30/2008 5:01:28 PM

So, exceptions to the "love thy neighbour" rule?

8/30/2008 5:11:03 PM


We have a multiethnical society with many homosexuals, jews and atheists, and I'm worried that my blood will go to thoose groups.
Love your neighbor, unless your neighbor disagrees with you, then let him suffer and die due to lack of blood. Yeah, very christian of you.

8/30/2008 5:14:33 PM

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