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I am going to say this again for those of you who seriously aren't understanding this, if you think that America is one nation under God you are wrong (that's A.) and B. if you think that God's not going to judge this nation, you are wrong. If they can set up a praise homosexuality day, they sure as heck better set up a "Jesus day" celebrating His death on the cross to die for the sins of the whole world, or is that to offensive for the California government? again, more hypocrisy.

I pray we turn back to our Creator.

deeper, Legislators tell school kids to celebrate homosexuality 8 Comments [8/31/2008 5:10:20 PM]
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You have Christmas and Easter.

8/31/2008 10:46:30 PM


"they sure as heck better set up a "Jesus day" celebrating His death on the cross to die for the sins of the whole world"

You already have that. It's called Easter. Retard.

9/1/2008 2:18:08 AM


You have a whole long weekend (or at least we do in Australia), let California have it's 'gay day', you greedy bastard.

9/1/2008 2:32:41 AM


seriously. there are alot of jesus related holidays.

4/20/2009 2:47:10 PM


You weenies can't even set up a "jesus day" without plagiarizing someone else's festive days.

Shut up and fellate your imaginary goblin already.

4/20/2009 2:51:33 PM


Christianity is a religion. Homosexuality isn't. So no, they won't and can't set up a "Jesus day", as that would be a violation of the First Amendment. Dumbass.

2/4/2010 7:40:55 PM


So you admit Easter isn't really about Jesus' death, but rather a co-opted holiday?

2/4/2010 10:49:53 PM


Celebrating his death? That sounds festive!
What about a day of egg eating, of children looking for hidden eggs in the grass, of rabbits and chickens. Maybe we could put something like that together as a celebration for Jesus death?
Oh, wait, we already have a day like that, Easter.

I don't like the idea of celebrating homosexuality. It's like celebrating left-handed or near-sighted people. They are all just involuntary traits that make life a bit more difficult. That's all.

2/5/2010 12:43:38 AM