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Our religion is true, and has provided a smorgasbord of technology for our society. Islam is a religion of violence and fornication, as they have produced nothing of any value while waiting for their imaginary 72 virgins.

attendingtheworld, calvinists4conservatism 16 Comments [8/31/2008 7:52:49 PM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

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Mr Doubt(hell)fire

doomie 22 _ This is a quote by Ixion, although there is a user called 'attendingtheworld' that IS a fundie on there... but he's a Muslim fundie.

9/1/2008 10:48:02 PM

Elephant Bones

* The 72 virgins thing is a misconception
* The Arabs preserved ancient philosophy during the Dark Ages, where Christians were struggling to survive

1/30/2009 8:44:26 PM


Not one piece of technology has been developed because of Christianity. Some Christians may have invented technical devices (one of the biggest leaps was by Edison though,an Atheist who never even attended high school)but they didn't invent those things because of their beliefs or from biblical knowledge.

So, give up that line of shit now

1/30/2009 8:59:03 PM


Other than astronomy, algebra and geometry.

2/2/2009 6:25:53 PM

El Guapo

Fornication? Really? My perception of Islam is all messed up, then. I thought that they were against fornication.

2/2/2009 6:38:11 PM

Mr. Vorhias

The number Zero.

You fail.

2/2/2009 8:01:44 PM


Yeah except the Arab world was flourishing during the European Dark Ages when you fucks were living in caves.

And don't forget about that there Algebra or other higher mathematics courtesy of the Arab world. Grow a brain and grow up.

2/2/2009 8:09:20 PM


They are fornicators because some of them believe they'll have 72 virgins?! Seventy two is pretty piddly when compared to Solomon and his 1000 wives and concubines. And lets not get started listing the violence in your holy book. What technology has sprung up as a direct result of christianity?

2/2/2009 10:28:17 PM


actually, muslims did alot of work in fields like astronomy and math. and i dont see how anybody can relate islam to fornication. muslims KILL women who have sex outside of marrige

4/20/2009 2:35:47 PM


When you say technology, do you mean scientific oppression?

8/10/2010 11:11:24 AM

uh. yeah where do you think europeans got the concept of mathematics from you fucking idiot. they stole it during the crusades along with astronomy. thats how europe was able to overcome the dark ages no thanks to your church which stifled innovation.

seriously. read something and the bible doesnt count.

11/16/2010 2:18:38 PM


I'll admit that protesantism accidentally advanced literacy by insisting on personal reading of the Bible. That's about the only contribution, and even that required the printing press first.

8/5/2011 4:54:54 AM


Our religion is true, and has provided a smorgasbord of technology for our society.

You mean, technology like torture instruments, censorship techniques, and weaponry to fight heretics? Yes, I admit, christianity has provided us a lot of new technology during the middle ages...

8/5/2011 6:15:34 AM


"Islam is a religion of violence and fornication, as they have produced nothing of any value while waiting for their imaginary 72 virgins."

Before perverted by fundie Muslims (such as Wahhabiists/Al-Qaeda/Hamas today), Islam was once a bright beacon of knowledge and learning: mathematics (PROTIP: Algebra is an Islamic invention), astronomy, medicine, art (including archiving ancient writings) etc in Medieval times.

...oh, and as for inventions:

Secularist/Humanist/Atheist/non-fundie Christian inventors:

The Steam engine: James Watt (UK)
The Electric motor: Michael Faraday (UK)
The Vacuum Cleaner: Hubert Cecil Booth (UK)
The internal combustion engine: Samuel Brown (UK); Patented and mass-produced: Karl Benz (Germany)
Radar: Robert Alexander Watson-Watt (UK)
The Jet Engine: Frank Whittle (UK)
The first jet airliner (deHavilland Comet): UK
The first supersonic airliner (Concorde): France/UK
Stereo sound: Alan Blumlein (UK)
Holograms: Dennis Gábor (UK)
Pocket Calculator: Clive Sinclair (UK)
Electronic Digital watch: Clive Sinclair (UK)
Pocket Television: Clive Sinclair (UK)
Creating Stable materials for LCD displays: George Gray & Ken Harrison (UK)
Fibre optics in telecommunications: Charles K. Kao & George Hockham (UK)
Concept of telecommunications satellites: Arthur C. Clarke (UK)
The Hovercraft: Christopher Cockerill (UK)
The Television: John Logie Baird (UK)
Viagra: messrs. Dunn, Wood, Terrett (Pfizer, UK)

First programming language: Charles Babbage & Ada Lovelace (UK)
The digital computer: Colossus (UK), Z1 (Germany).
Concept of the Computer Operating System: Alan Turing (UK)
First Supercomputer (Atlas): UK
The concept of large-scale networking of computers (before ARPANET): Belgium.
Architecture of ARM CPUs (used in 98% of all mobile phones and all smartphones): UK
First digital media player (audio; MP3s): Kane Kramer (UK)
The WWW: Tim Berners-Lee (UK)

PROTIP: Alan Turing: homosexual & Atheist. Tim Berners-Lee: Unitarian Universalist.

Your turn, arsendintheworld: give us a list of any & all right-wing Fundamentalist Christian inventors & their innovations that have changed the world for the better.

It's okay, I can wait...!

8/5/2011 9:31:36 AM



8/5/2011 9:34:21 AM


@Mr Vorhias:

> The number Zero.

The concept of zero originated in India and, unsurprisingly given the geography and total lack of 747s at the time, reached Europe via the Arab world.


> Our religion is true, and has provided a smorgasbord of technology for our society.

Your religion is somewhat lacking in evidence. Your personal belief is simply one amongst many.

8/5/2011 11:20:23 AM

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