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I say bomb the crap out of Syria...That country is a toilet! I DO NOT HATE ARABS!!! But I do not think to kindly to terrorists. Doing nothing is no longer an option..I say we join Israel in liberating Syria, then we go Iran and do the same thing..and we keep going until we clean up the area.

hayden, POD Warrior Forum 8 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Damn - 4 years later and this clown's still being quoted.

2/23/2007 11:49:12 AM


Isn't this technically terrorism?

I don't take kindly to terrorists! Let's bomb POD concerts to liberazte the fanbase from this kid!


2/23/2007 12:16:38 PM


Despite your caps locks of truth, I think you do hate Arabs.

2/23/2007 8:27:53 PM

But I do not think to kindly to terrorists.

I think you meant 'take too kindly' since this post demonstrates that you do not think well at all.

8/21/2007 1:38:16 PM

Since none of the 11-9 terrorist were Syrians, the terrorist is YOU.

8/8/2009 5:15:20 AM


Or we pull support away from Isreal and see if they can cope, just saying.

8/8/2009 12:02:09 PM


I don't hate Arabs, I just think we should kill them all.

4/15/2010 7:24:25 PM


You are aware that they are basically saying the same thing about you? Right?
What's so particularly wrong with Syria? I would go for Saudi Arabia, myself. They are the brain and the bank of the Arab world.

What do you mean with "I do not think to kindly to terrorists"? You, my friend, need to go back to high school.

In my mind, the people who bomb abortion clinics are terrorists. The people who threaten others with eternal hell-fires are also terrorists.

4/15/2010 11:40:16 PM

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