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Well, in California, if a woman doesn't put her seat belt on her body, cops have the right to give her a $60 ticket. Isn't that a 'way whatsoever' that someone else has a right over a woman's body?

Albert Cipriani, Internet Infidels 8 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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They're not controlling her body. It's a safety regulation.

12/19/2006 8:30:46 AM



Now get back to your homework, kiddo.

12/19/2006 9:42:16 AM


Just for the record, I disagree with that law, too. If a person is stupid enough to drive without a seatbelt, should we really interfere with the thinning of the herd mechanism that is likely to follow?

2/3/2007 1:44:14 AM

Damn Yankee

The Christian fundies wouldn't like it, because it would be survival of the fittest in action.

2/3/2007 5:53:28 AM


Even if that WAS controlling her body (which it isn't), they do that to men too.

Fail example has failed.

1/3/2009 6:16:33 PM


um no. Period.

4/13/2010 6:29:25 AM


I've read that paragraph several times, and I still am unable to find a resemblence of logic to it. Men would also be fined if found driving without their seatbelts right? *shakes head*

The same system is in place over here (Norway), and I do see a very good reason for it - safety.

4/16/2010 4:26:28 AM


The seatbelt is not part of her body, nor is it totally dependent on her body to exist.
It's a safety measure, both for her safety and for others. An unbelted body can cause great harm during a crash, both to itself and to those around it.
Plus, a man will be fined just as much as a woman.

4/16/2010 5:11:22 AM

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