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[In response to several posts answering his misconceptions about evolution]

I think the intent of the question was, "If the first cell capable of sexual reproduction was an 'outie', where did it find an 'innie'?"

Hambubba, Snopes.com Messageboard 9 Comments [9/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Oh my!

*wipes away tears*


Oh crap! That one's good!

Well bubba - may I call you bubba? - basically sexual reproduction only evolved about a billion years ago, multicelled organisms evolved long before that. Sexual reproduction used to involve spawning, and a simultaneous mass release of eggs and sperm. This still occurs in many species, especially the relatively immobile ones like corals. Sexual reproduction had many advantages over asexual reproduction especially wrt to evolution and diversity. It was an advantage for a specific animal to ensure it's sperm fertilised an egg, and the easiest way to do this was to fertilise the egg pre release and various mechanisms were developed for this - a penis is just one of them. Selective mating greatly advanced biodiversity and enhanced the development of desirable traits. All of this was still hundreds of millions of years before placental mammals.

5/31/2006 8:02:30 AM

Napoleon the Clown

What the hell?

Nevermind... Julian covered it.

5/31/2006 8:16:54 AM


Some unicelular organisms use sexual reproduction as well.
This is the best answer bubba can get :)

1/16/2007 4:19:16 PM


Uh, these had better be euphemisms, `cause I don`t know what bellybuttons have to do with this.

9/20/2011 10:40:19 AM

Professor von SCIENCE!!!

Yep, penises just randomly evolved without vaginas . Well done bubba, you have cracked the gay conspiracy.

1/14/2013 10:46:08 PM


So... stupid... Strawman not even bound with twine...

1/15/2013 6:04:06 PM


The cutting edge of creation research.

5/6/2014 5:28:56 AM


I bet this has been thoroughly researched, dearie. If you took the trouble of reading online, or in scientific books, on the subject, you'd know how they evolved, and wouldn't have to resort to sounding stupid on the Net.

5/6/2014 6:12:15 AM


Amoeba. Asexual reproduction by binary fission.


5/6/2014 8:05:36 AM

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