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[On an article about the five women murdered by tribal elders in Pakistan.]

Is the US any better when it has allowed the MURDER of innocent babies through so-called legal abortion? Should the US condemn others when it to needs to repent also? We all need to repent and accept the gift that GOD offered in JESUS!

Michael G. Strother, MSNBC 40 Comments [9/23/2008 1:42:52 PM]
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Rat of Steel

"We all need to repent and accept the gift that GOD offered in JESUS!"

A gift offered with a metaphorical gun pointed at the recipient's head (eg: the threat of everlasting suffering in Hell) is no gift at all.

Enough said. Next, please...

9/23/2008 1:48:06 PM


Is god any better when it has allowed the MURDER of innocent babies through so-called miscarriage? Should the US condemn others when it to needs to use their brains also? We all need to think and accept reality


9/23/2008 1:49:29 PM


If he thinks abortion is murder (a view he is allowed to have), then the first part is understandable.

9/23/2008 1:49:36 PM



9/23/2008 1:51:40 PM


Hmmm... a clump of cells...and five adult women...

I can see where you'd get those mixed up. Anyway, what do you care if there's five less people in the world? You only give a rats arse about potential life.

9/23/2008 1:55:33 PM


Embryos/fetuses aren't babies. They aren't people. The women murdered were people.

9/23/2008 2:01:28 PM

The L

This is like saying, "We need to do something about--oh, hey, look, a QUARTER!"

It's like fundie ADHD. :D Whatever they're putting in that Kool-Aid is entertaining, at least.

Mortok: I'm just hoping one of these morons shows signs of potential intelligence. At least there's hope for a few of them, if we can get to them in time.

9/23/2008 2:06:59 PM

It isn't "so-called legal abortion" - it is legal abortion. Read a law book, dummy.

9/23/2008 2:27:54 PM

Waiting for God

Humm, killing tiny groups of cells which have the potential to become human beings or killing actual, living, feeling, adult humans.

Yeah, exactly the same.

Can I put you on trial for genocide when you spunk all over your missus murdering millions of potential humans?


9/23/2008 2:55:53 PM


I don't know about you guys, but I only allow the murder of convicted babies through legal abortion.

9/23/2008 2:56:17 PM

People killed in Pakistan - US has abortion - abortion legalized murder - thefore, God!1

Wow. Thread hijack by sague chain.

9/23/2008 2:59:38 PM


More of "Adults have less rights than a few cells" dribble.

9/23/2008 3:25:49 PM

Mr Smith

They buried them alive! How can you compare that to not implanting a couple of cells?

9/23/2008 3:51:06 PM


Yes. Yes the U.S. is better as abortion murders no one, murder of actual persons is almost universally condemned and those who commit murders are actively sought after for prosecution.

Please show any biblical passages which condemn abortion.

OK, then STFU.

9/23/2008 3:53:02 PM


Perhaps he's one of those prolifers who support war and capital punishment but oppose UHC...

9/23/2008 3:56:54 PM


What about all the babies those five women could have had? Hmmm? Murdering the pre-conception-children! MURDERER!

9/23/2008 4:03:48 PM

Bored One-time Poster

"so-called legal abortion"

It's "so-called" because it is. Your aim is apparently for it to become illegal, yet you imply that's already the case. Way to win everybody to your own point of view.

9/23/2008 4:11:41 PM


I don't see how shit we do that you don't like excuses the douchebaggery of others.

9/23/2008 4:21:12 PM

J. Random Lurker


Rat of Steel has an excellent point.

@the original post

So instead of saying something about the utter inhumanity and murder of five women in tribal Pakistan, you spout off crap about abortion, which is barely even related on a tangential level.

If the murder of innocent women doesn't harm you yet you get worked up over abortion, you sir are a disgrace to humanity.

Oh, and this coming from a "pro-lifer" who is embarrassed and ashamed that a dangerous and callous sicko like you is in the same movement.

9/23/2008 4:28:27 PM


While I am not an advocate of abortion, I certainly hold no position that is absolutely against it. I can conceive of many situations where is is cogently required: in some of these the abortion would be the by product of another procedure of treatment to save the woman's life. I would not place the life of the foetus above that of the woman. Nor would I countenance the counting of the number of angels dancing on a pinhead while trying to reach a decision on such a situation.

Contrariwise, I would never see abortion as a convenient way to dispose of an unwanted pregnancy. The partners who engendered the new potential should have used contraceptive methods. Responsibility is demanded of all.

However, in the case of rape, or violence within a marriage/relationship (still rape) I see no strong case against termination provided it is done expeditiously, and not left until late in the period of gestation.

In all of this it must be borne in mind that nature herself is the greatest abortionist. Those who take an absolutist view against termination need to get some idea of the number of pregnancies that fail to come to term. Sadly this has been the case in my own close family and has caused pain and grief.

Moreover, Mr. Strother, the counterpoise to your anit-abortion stance is the care and welfare of those who have been born. And please note, I put no term on this. In effect I am talking about a form of socialism, as known and practiced in Europe. I have no doubt that you, if American and of the right wing, will find this anathema. Let me then call you bluff and frankly say your preaching is all humbug. You call beings into existence on your responsibility only to abandon them to lives undoubtedly of abject misery in some cases. Isn't this fraudulent argument?

But the emotional language used by Mr. Strother has no place in any rational debate. He has no business taking a judgemental position, wagging his finger and thumping his bible. I, and I alone, Mr Strother, am the Captain of my Soul - assuming I have one. And I alone will answer to God, assuming there is one. So keep your moralising to yourself.

9/23/2008 4:44:29 PM

The L

J. Random: You hit the nail right on the head. I don't care for abortion myself, but to pretend that these women are nothing more than a way to argue against abortion is just horrible. They were people. Ordinary, innocent people. And they were not just killed, but buried alive, for doing something most of us take for granted--choosing their own husbands. Michael has not only demonstrated a failure to stay on topic, he has also trivialized these women's deaths, and by extension, their lives.

9/23/2008 5:32:06 PM


Ahhhh Michael G. Strother...

A man who cares about a lump of cells and his favorite slogan is "Support the troops!" and he probably wants to nuke Iran, just to be on the safe side, you know. Strong supporter of the second amendment and of death penalty, but by God, he is "Pro Life!"...

Now, please excuse me while I puke.

9/23/2008 5:33:22 PM


If it were 5 men murdered in Pakistan I wonder if he'd say the same thing. (After all, to fundy christians, fundy muslims, and fundy jews; a woman is just a life support system for a uterus).

9/23/2008 5:40:02 PM


Yeah, because cells are SO much more important than five living women being murdered for having a vagina and not allowing a man to control them.

Fuck you.

9/23/2008 6:28:05 PM


"Is the US any better when it has allowed the MURDER of innocent babies through so-called legal abortion?"

Hysterically exaggerate much?! Uh, last I checked abortion involved pretty much parasitic (for lack of a better term) fetuses without much a brain stem and didn't have anything to do with "MURDER of innocent babies."

9/23/2008 6:31:50 PM

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