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(Commenting on ebil emails from her mother:)

Anyway, she is a very liberal, leftist, lesbian, pacifist, and unsaved person. Everything about her just repulses me. My problem is this. She sends me emails constantly about her candidate, Obama, and news articles about liberal crap, and most recently, she sent me an article about two lesbian women in her community getting "married" now that they can. I emailed her back and asked her why she thought I would remotely even be interested in that article. She emailed, and said that she thought I would be happy for her and her civil rights. ???

Camelknees33, Rapture Ready 55 Comments [9/16/2008 11:12:47 PM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: sooze

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You should've listened to your mother more when you were growing up.

9/16/2008 11:14:00 PM


It's nice to know that the Rapture Ready crowd are also recipients of email that offends their political and moral sensibilities, as opposed to merely being the purveyors.

9/16/2008 11:18:59 PM


Congratulations, your mother is a wiser, more moral, and all-round better person than you. You must be very proud.

9/16/2008 11:21:45 PM


I bet the odds are good that you constantly forward BS religious e-mails to her, but see nothing wrong with it.

9/16/2008 11:27:21 PM

David G

Aren't you guys supposed to honor your father and mother? In fact, I believe that is a commandment, and not being gay is not.

9/16/2008 11:27:28 PM

Jesus Klingon

"Anyway, she is a very liberal, leftist, lesbian, pacifist, and unsaved person."

First impression: your mom is cool.

9/16/2008 11:29:24 PM


Honor thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee...

9/16/2008 11:34:22 PM


Honor thy mother.

9/16/2008 11:37:10 PM


You have mother issues.
Your daddy was absent, wasn't he?
Seems the "absent father" syndrome leads to rabid, mouth-frothing, religious whacko fundamentalism.

9/16/2008 11:37:59 PM


And you're an RR cultist? So your sexuality is a lifestyle choice?

9/16/2008 11:46:42 PM


You've just broken the fifth commandment.

Have fun in Hell.

9/16/2008 11:50:27 PM

Observable Reality

Your mother sounds like a much better person than you.

9/17/2008 12:06:20 AM

Fall off a cliff.

9/17/2008 12:09:12 AM

Doctor Whom

So, Cameltoes33, you get to pick and choose among the 10 Commandments now?

9/17/2008 12:11:00 AM


"Ew! My mom's diddling other women! EW!!!!"

9/17/2008 12:11:19 AM

Allegory for Jesus

True family values, eh, "camelknees"? Obviously, it is gay marriage that destroys families, and not people who hate the gheyz and all who support them, like yourself...

9/17/2008 12:13:37 AM


Your mom sounds cool! Now, could you please tell your RR friends how annoying it is to be spammed with e-mails you disagree with, from your experience? And can you please find another way to differentiate yourself from your mother, one that doesn't involve denying others civil rights or ignoring your life in favor of an afterworld you have no proof of?

9/17/2008 12:34:23 AM


I wish I had your mother.

Camelknees33 is an ungrateful turd :(

9/17/2008 12:38:39 AM


"She emailed, and said that she thought I would be happy for her and her civil rights"

Well, I am happy for her.

9/17/2008 12:50:26 AM


Can we trade moms? I think we'd all be happier.

9/17/2008 12:58:27 AM

Old Viking

She's sane. You're a loony.

9/17/2008 1:36:36 AM

The Watcher

"Anyway, she is a very liberal, leftist, lesbian, pacifist, and unsaved person. Everything about her just repulses me."

Aside from the fact that A) you're supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner--which you clearly aren't doing, because you're "repulsed" and B) you're breaking the 5th Commandment by being repulsed by your mother...

What is it about pacifism that you find so repulsive?

9/17/2008 2:02:31 AM

/Everything about her just repulses me./

What an ungrateful, disrespectful brat.

9/17/2008 2:09:14 AM


At first, I thought you said your mom was unshaved! I though "gross" but upon seeing the error of my ways, I have come to the conclusion that you are an ungrateful, selfish, cunt.

You are a complete embarrasment to your poor mother. All she ever did was give you life and love. Die in a fire, you ignorant piece of fucking shit. Humanity would be better off without the likes of you.

9/17/2008 2:09:28 AM


You know that saying "crap" is a sin, right? Also, Jesus was a pacifist.

9/17/2008 2:15:57 AM

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