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[Editor's note: the following series of posts was made in early October 2003 by a would-be prophet on the POD forum. While at first his statements were pretty vague, additional goading resulted in some quite specific predictions, which were, of course, recorded for posterity... Once those fail, the inevitably hilarious rationalizations will be listed in next month's issue.] Are you awakened to the dawn of God's glory? The prophet prohesies to the dead bones: This nation has been under severe attack. But the Spirit of the Lord says,.. 'Those that are hidden, I will bring them to the fore,' says the Lord... in the month of October, I will bring your President to a place of vindication...,' says the Lord... . 'Even the economy shall be raised up in the month of October. Take this and rejoice,' says the Lord, 'for it shall be so!'

BladeX, POD Warrior Forum 0 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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