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The problem with Lutheran Social Services is that it has swallowed a fundamental anthropological mistake.

The mistake that Negroes are humans.

It's the same mistake that the rest of the country has swallowed. Our culture is mixing shit and ice cream on the theory that they're both food.

Who made this mistake originally? There was always a bit of confusion over Negroes. They are anthropoids with the ability to speak and are adept emotional mimics. Rather higher on the scale than the apes who learn sign language, which we're always reading and hearing about ("I want bananas! That's not fair! I miss Koko!"). But it's the same scale. The main difference is the shape of the throat and the tongue.

Thomas Jefferson, in his "Notes on the State of Virginia," sums up his thoughts on Negroes after years of slavemastering them, i.e. using them primarily as farm animals. (His dirty cousin Randall probably fucked one or two, e.g. Sally H.) He describes them with an almost painful straightforwardness and bewilderment. They stink, he says, but are pretty good at singing and emotional oratory (fiery speeches). They have no deep imagination or intelligence. He concludes that Whites and blacks, if "equally free, cannot live in the same government."

Anthropologists were always a bit confused over Negroes, never flatly stating they aren't human, but treating them as if they were not fully human, nevertheless. The Constitution conceded to designate them as four-fifths human (a sop to the slave states, who wanted to count niggers as human so as to have more representation in the national legislature).

The confusion, and the slight embarrassment associated with it, was hardened and codified, however - the mistake was enshrined - by jew Franz Boaz, who said there is no such thing as race. Jew Boaz was an anthropologist who perverted anthropology from the physical school (fact-based) into the "cultural" school (bullshit-based). His bullshit line was called "cultural relativism." "Cultural relativism" says Negroes, Whites, whatever are the way they are because they were trained and raised that way. Given different training and raising, they could be anything. A Negro could be a scientist with a clipboard. A Jew could be a respected White. Black, red, Asian, brown could be "Americans" or "world citizens" in a proposition polity. Kumbayah!

But leopards cannot change their spots. Physical anthropology was science, but "cultural anthropology" was just jewish bullshit. (Jews live by conning and bullshit. They love "propositions," "cultural heuristics," "concepts," and yak.)

The physical anthropology, as well as the related empirical discipline of IQ testing, has shown us time and again than Negroes are far different than Whites. Their brains are different. (Rushton is just the tip of the iceberg. The Bell Curve is just the tip of that tip.)

Jews insisted - from every High, Middle, and Low Culture megaphone - and in every legislature - that Negroes and Whites were equally human. They jerked every tear they could for 100 years, "proving" to emotional old ladies and unworldly teens that ol' Boo was so ignorant and criminal only because the White Man kept him down with 400 years of slavery. (Didn't other Negroes also "keep" Negroes down - with 4,000 years of slavery? Not according to jew-produced entertainment and laws.)

So the races were mixed in America and elsewhere. They were "integrated." With the result that America has fallen apart since the 1960s.

Cities: destroyed because of Negroes and because of Whites fleeing them after suffering continual assault, robbery, and property destruction.

Crime: violent crime is statistically mostly a Negro problem. Google "The Color of Crime." Niggers = crime.

Education: standards decline every year in the fanatical attempt to mainstream non-humans. Just as well mix bonobos into classrooms.

Civility: "nigger normal" America has descended into the anomie and stupidity of a third-world nation. We're the Suweto ghetto with toys and deodorant - and trillions of dollars of debt.

Our nation tried (and is still trying, with a government gun to its head and hymns in its ears!) to mix shit and milk. We did not get a "milkshake," we got poison.

Negroes are not humans. For civilization to regain its health, they must be separated from us. For this to happen, we must first recognize (actually, acknowledge) they are not us.

Nothing goes right until we go White. As someone here said not a few times.

Given that jews took advantage of natural confusion and Christian squeamishness to ram niggers down our throats and into our schools, neighborhoods, and daughters' crotches, and given jews' evolutionary strategy of conquering and replacing the White race thereby - what other fails might be involved? The insanity of religion. Jewsus said we must love everybody as ourselves (both everybody "human" and jus' plain everybody, even animals, whom Catholics bless and religion-funky Whites legislatively advocate for with "animal rights").

Religion is bunk. Stories about a sky-boss and his Super Friends. The problem with it is it isn't factual. Believers don't believe on facts, but on faith. That attitude clouds the mind, undermines many mental defenses against enemies. We laugh - BWA HA! - at the maniac who hears invisible elves whispering advice to him. Yet, we nod solemnly and respectfully when someone describes his relationship to Jesus...and tells us the Holy Ghost/Christ/his pastor called him to adopt a Somali.

The Lutheran Social Service people can thus be explained by

1. Anthropological confusion. Negroes not hard-classified as not-humans.

2. Jews using this confusion to perpetrate the outrage of mixing niggers with humans.

3. Religion, which teaches non-fact non-think attitudes as guides to life. Creating sheep for shearing by the million. (What good are you, if you believe in ghosts?)

Solution: get rid of the jew. Get smart, hard-minded White men in charge. Then, sadder but wiser, we'll proceed to our destiny.

Sgruber, VNN Forum 31 Comments [9/17/2008 2:01:34 PM]
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9/17/2008 2:07:04 PM


Summary for the people who say TL;DR:

"Blacks aren't human
Jews tricked us
Religion is bullshit
Blah blah blah
White superiority bullcrap"

Seriously, this guy's just... blah.

9/17/2008 2:26:35 PM


Oh wait, the forum is full of nazis.

9/17/2008 3:00:04 PM


"Religion is bunk. Stories about a sky-boss and his Super Friends. The problem with it is it isn't factual. Believers don't believe on facts, but on faith. That attitude clouds the mind, undermines many mental defenses against enemies. We laugh - BWA HA! - at the maniac who hears invisible elves whispering advice to him. Yet, we nod solemnly and respectfully when someone describes his relationship to Jesus"

The ONLY intelligent thing Sgruber says in his entire post.

9/17/2008 5:37:16 PM


But I like Jews.

Doesn't the vast majority of our media, comedy, and that one other thing I'm forgetting depend on them?

Lawyers, that was it.

We should get rid of lawyers, but keep Jews.

9/17/2008 5:54:38 PM


Dear God, does he ever shut up?

If he's going to insist on the formulation "Jew Boaz," I'm going to insist on "Asshole Sgruber."

It's only fair. He seems to put the same inflection on "Jew" that I do on "Asshole," so there.

9/17/2008 8:41:48 PM


Blah blah blah, blacks are bad and Jews are the cause of everything. World War 2 ended over 50 years ago, Hitler. You lost, remember?

9/17/2008 11:23:03 PM


And here is the racist, a prime example of stunted evolution. Due to a bizarre trip in his evolutionary past, the racist can now just barely feed himself, and cannot comprehend the fact that not all people are similar to him. Thus, he spews and rants, occasionally leading to horrible consequences for him and his victim. Thousands of years of evolution have reduced the racist to ranting behind a computer screen, where, he lives a relatively safe, though meaningless existence.


9/18/2008 2:02:25 AM


Okay, so I skipped a large chunk in the middle. When did he go from blacks to jews?

9/18/2008 3:33:28 AM


Who has a small penis then?

9/18/2008 2:34:22 PM

as someone who was raised Lutheran, I have to say that this guy has nothing in common with them, nor does anything he say relate in any way to any other Lutherans I have met or heard of. He is completely off his rocker.

9/18/2008 5:07:09 PM

Dr. Funkenstein

Jews: They're not evil conspirators hell-bent on destroying white folks.

9/19/2008 6:21:32 AM


And like a typical racists it's all unintelligent opinion.

No facts, no nothing.

Speaking of crime, look up white-collar crimes, look up rape/sex crimes, incest...

Spare us your Jews are destroying our white race. You want to talk about destruction of cultures start with Meso-America and a plethora of others that your PURE ARYAN RACE systematically destroyed.

Our constitution was influenced by an Indian charter, "Iroquois Confederation". Country built by Asian, Indian, and Black labor.


9/19/2008 7:27:48 AM


Adam: Speaking of crime, look up white-collar crimes, look up rape/sex crimes, incest...

If white-collar crime is so overwhelmingly white, why is it that the most corrupt countries on earth aren't the whitest ones?

I also looked up rape/sexual assault:

"Percent of single-offender victimizations
Perceived race of offender

Total 100.0
White 32.8
Black 48.5
Other 15.4*
Not known and not available 3.2*"

But as usual, these statistics were made up by some mean white guy because he wanted to be mean towards black folk. That's the only LOGICAL conclusion.

Country built by Asian, Indian, and Black labor.

Haha, while the white men sat back cracked the whips, no doubt.

9/19/2008 2:05:36 PM


Black people, Jews, all of them...


It doesn't matter whether or not you want to say they're not human based on "throat shape" or whatever bullshit you spew out - as long as they have the same genome, you lose. Good day, sir.

9/19/2008 3:02:39 PM


I hate neo-nazis.

9/20/2008 12:46:08 AM


Black people are human because they have the same DNA that makes them human.

Koko is a gorilla because she has the DNA that makes her a gorilla.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

9/20/2008 9:57:24 PM


- Sgruber

9/21/2008 2:20:27 AM


You, and yours, need to die. Right now. In a fire. With much screaming.

9/23/2008 8:00:39 PM


What kind of breed of stupid do you have to be to actually think to yourself that just because one group of people has more skin pigmentation that another, that makes them not human.

9/28/2008 1:38:53 AM

Ian W

If blacks aren't human, explain why "humans" (by your definition) can breed with them, and the offspring aren't sterile.

4/21/2009 2:19:52 PM


First off, tl;dr.

Second off, given the general gist, I have to finally fucking ask:


Everybody knows now that all races are equal. Everybody knows now that none of this racist crap is even worth a second glance. Everybody knows that racist people are retarded and clinging to their white power glory days. Even the racists know this, but they insist on fucking continuing on.

WHO GIVES A SHIT. Let the jews take over, let the blacks take over, let the asians take over, let every fucking race in the book except whites take over, and what will it fucking even matter? Okay, there aren't anymore white people. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

Whites have been attempting to take over humanity forever and it hasn't worked, what makes these KKK idiots think that the other races have a chance?

If you're so terrified that your particular shade of peach is going to disappear from the planet, fucking fuck someone and breed with them. WHO GIVES A SHIT?

Seriously, I'm so fucking sick of this total shit.

9/2/2009 8:05:16 AM

#690463: Many of us accept the validity of that statistic. The burden of proof is on you to prove that these statistics are due to biological differences - I have seen none.

10/2/2010 9:58:33 AM


Die in a fire.

11/7/2010 9:18:59 AM


11/10/2010 8:24:20 PM

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