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[Is Bruce Almighty a good film to show religious people..?]

No it makes a mockery of the Christian religion. You will probably find that jews produced it.

Mr. D, Yahoo Answers 12 Comments [9/17/2008 1:35:14 PM]
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Son of a Nonymous

Why is this under racists? Seems a pretty straight FSTDT, but not particularly racist.

9/17/2008 2:22:47 PM


The jews... Tell me what they didn't do.

9/17/2008 2:58:09 PM


It's "mocking" God mroe than Christianity. Guess what? Jews believe in the same God as you!

9/17/2008 4:10:04 PM

Jews and Christians believe in the same God, idiot. Besides, haven't you ever heard of humor?

9/17/2008 4:46:33 PM


Oh no, Jews making movies.

Whatever will they think of next?

9/17/2008 5:55:18 PM


Damn jews.

I liked the film. Very funny.

9/17/2008 6:13:22 PM


And Morgan Freeman is God.

And Morgan Freeman is a black guy. How could you leave that out?

9/18/2008 12:06:47 AM


I don't think Bruce Almighty is a good film to show anybody.

9/18/2008 3:31:00 AM


My definition of a good film to show religious people IS one that mocks their religion but I'm a mean-spirited bitch.

But Bruce Almighty? Weaksauce. I go right to Dogma. That way I get to make fundies' heads explode and look at Alan Rickman at the same time.

9/19/2008 12:25:06 AM

Dr. Funkenstein

Jews, scourge of the whiteman! Apparently.

9/19/2008 6:22:58 AM


Jews are very much the scourge of the whiteman.

It's their fault that it's their fault slaves were brought over.

It's their faul that it's their fault that they destroyed civilizations and put jews into camps.

Oh and "Jewsdidit".

Hey, I like that, "Jewsdidit".

9/19/2008 7:29:22 AM


Actually, my Dad is realllly relgious and he loves it...

9/23/2008 8:01:33 PM

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