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[What if Germany had won WW2?]

We can only dream... I think it was too much, too fast for our slow world. We weren't ready for him yet..

Ein neue Reich, Stormfront 24 Comments [9/18/2008 9:19:43 PM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

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Dr. Funkenstein

Yeah, the Aryan Race will have to wait, huh? Tough break, fucker.

9/19/2008 1:28:48 AM


But with Palin, you guys'll finally get a second chance.

9/19/2008 1:42:02 AM


Cause that's exactly what this world needs more of.

Ignorance, bigotry, hate, fascism, ect...

9/19/2008 1:42:45 AM



9/19/2008 5:02:26 AM


Yeah, a White world advocate.

These guys are rich. Oh and I doubt it would have been a dream.

Unless you were part of the White aristocracy, you were pretty much stuck in the same place you were before fascism.

Fascism did absolutely nothing for Germany. I mean if you take into account the aftermath.

9/19/2008 7:18:14 AM

sgt snoodles

Attempting to invade Russia and then fighting the US at the same time had nothing to do with it?

9/19/2008 7:33:56 AM

...not to mention the Brits, Anzacs, Indians, Gurkhas...

9/19/2008 9:19:45 AM


Kid, here's a tip. DON'T MESS WITH RUSSIA.

9/19/2008 11:21:08 AM

/We can only dream.../

Yes, and thank God for that.

9/19/2008 10:39:20 PM


You're voting for McCain, right?

9/21/2008 12:34:01 AM

D Laurier

If Germany had won ww2...
Fortress England would still be feeding arms to Ukranian rebels in Germania.
The ural front would be stable... But dangerous.
America would be isolationist rather than imperialist.
The shift of economic power from England to Germany would have broken the british empire... But the breakup of the empire would have been slow and bloody. A free India would be a depopulated nation seeking vengeance against England.

9/21/2008 2:06:25 AM


I can understand having a chubby for hitler for sharing your pathetic bigotry. but the man was a fucking moron and a loon. Your precious fuhrer and his dumbass ideas cost Germany the war.

9/21/2008 7:53:31 AM

Lt. Fred


Stormfronters are universally incompetant and badly-paid. They rarely even make it into the working class.

The working class and the poor were Hitler's worst enemy.

The Soviet working class crushed Hitler. The German working class finished him off. The Spanish working class almost beat him. The Yugoslavian working class wasted his armies. He shot himself in a bunker after being beaten, while hallucinating victories like the coward he was.

Fortunately, the Nazi 'moderates' (in the words of FDR) were not able to slowly change Germany, nor were they competant enough to beat the working class of the rest of the world quickly. The working class of the world was vey ready for Hitler. They were ready with tanks and aircrat and guns. And ideas.

The rich failed. They were short-sighted and greedy in disarming, in capitulating, in helping him in Spain and elsewhere. The poor fought for Spain. Their betrayal there led to their victory at Stalingrad.

9/21/2008 11:33:26 AM

Mr Blur

Well, you would have been eliminated immediately for being "intellectually inferior".

9/21/2008 5:27:37 PM

Yama the Space Fish

The Japanese Empire would have been torn to shreds from within, at least.

9/21/2008 8:53:43 PM


Hey Lt. Fred, the rich are on it again! They're letting a whole bunch of undocumented people through the borders to work for ridiculous wages (and sometimes deal drugs). You know it's not good for the working class.

9/21/2008 9:46:29 PM


Dream? More like a nightmare.

9/23/2008 7:57:44 PM


@ wackadoodle: I agree that Hitler was evil, but a moron he was not. He managed to manipulate an entire nation based on a lie and convince them to go to war with the main powers of the world. He had the most dangerous combination of qualities: intelligence and evil. He rose from a prisoner in a German prison to the leader of the nation in a matter of years, all because he understood how to manipulate the social consciousness of the German people.

It's always dangerous to assign evil the quality of stupidity. Evil should never be underestimated.

Also...this guy needs some serious help. I wonder what precise areas of Hitler's agenda really appeal to him? The ethic cleansing? The torture of innocents?

9/24/2008 4:15:34 AM


eh, wuh?

What makes you think your sorry ass would make the cut? Maybe your too short, too tall, too harry, for the perfect race. Dream about starving to death in a camp ass wipe.

9/24/2008 5:35:40 AM


If you wish to see what Hitler winning WW2 would have been like, just read science-fiction. As I understand it, everything you change in the past makes Germany win WW2. Kill a rabbit in 22 BCE? HITLER WON THE WAR. Oh, shitty sci-fi writers, they're so...cliche...

10/2/2008 2:52:29 PM

As A German I can only say Go rape yourself with a rusty hot iron and than jump in a fire.l No one wants you here. You are diluting the genepool.

9/10/2010 3:17:38 PM


holocaust apologists should be made to take a lethal shower.

9/10/2010 9:25:48 PM


The Russians especially were more than ready for him.

Thank fuck.

9/12/2010 11:12:02 AM


Please go and find a fire for yourself to die in.

1/24/2012 3:40:25 PM

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