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i admire what al sharpton represents, but he has to realize that sort of thing is done and gone in the US. the 60s are over. racism, while far from no longer being an issue in this country is not as prevalent or deep-seeded as it once was.

that being said, while i have been the victim of racism in america, its usually met with a laugh.

it is my opinion that the children of this generation will have a completely different understanding of race than our parents did

dream on, dreamer.

Blacks are the biggest racists in the world, don't tell me otherwise.

What will a group of blacks do to me if I used the n-word in front of them?

But they can use the n-word all they want AND call me a cracker as well? But they are not racist?

As long as idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are in the public eye, racism will never die because they won't let it die because it would take them out of the public eye.

When Sharpton and Jackson are gone, some other black racist will take their place and keep the "dream" alive.... for generations to come.

Zebulan, WoW offtopic 28 Comments [9/19/2008 12:43:47 PM]
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"I don't like Jackson and Sharpton either.

Even my black friends think the whole "only blacks can use the n-word" thing is ridiculous."

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don't like the 'N-word' either. They were part of that NAACP "bury the N-word" Ceremony.

5/9/2011 6:28:58 PM

Pedantic Speaker

Segregation was, arguably, far worse for blacks than slavery.
Under slavery, they were property but they were considered valuable and it was normally a crime for anyone but their owner to kill them.
Under segregation, they were, de facto, treated worse than wild animals. They were considered worthless and they were subjected to terrorist attacks against both individuals and communities, which had such an effect that blacks were terrified of being tortured to death simply for tripping over and falling on someone.

@American MinuteMan: "[F]reedom... for many negros... plunged them into a world they were not prepared to deal with."
You are either woefully uninformed or wilfully ignorant. Many lynchings actually occurred because the victims were TOO competent, for instance:
"Three black men -- Thomas Moss, Calvin McDowell, and Henry Stewart -- all friends of Ida Wells, founded a business in Memphis, Tennesee: the People's Grocery Company. From the day it opened this business became the target of white resentment: first, because the store sold items that attracted customers away from the white-owned grocery nearby. Also, the new establishment became a popular gathering place for Memphis blacks. The store, after all, was more than just a business. It was a powerful symbol - a symbol of many of the things blacks had been striving and struggling for since their emancipation not thirty years earlier. It represented enterprise and independence, success and self-determination. It defied all stereotypes and popular notions that said what blacks could not be and could not achieve.

The People's Grocery's greatest crime was that it competed successfully against the white store that once had a monopoly on black trade. The animosity that arose from this competition led to a violent face-off between the races. Three white men were shot in the malay. Moss, McDowell, and Stewart were quickly arrested, charged with conspiracy and inciting a riot, and thrown into jail. Three nights later, on March 9 1892, a mob stole the men from their cells, took them out of the city, and lynched them."
If I may quote a description of the "world they were not prepared to deal with",
"The city of Memphis has demonstrated that neither character nor standing avails the Negro if he dares to protect himself against the white man or become his rival. There is nothing we can do about the lynching now, as we are out-numbered and without arms. The white mob could help itself to ammunition without pay, but the order is rigidly enforced against the selling of guns to Negroes. There is therefore only one thing left to do; save our money and leave a town which will neither protect our lives and property, nor give us a fair trial in the courts, but takes us out and murders us in cold blood when accused by white persons." -- Ida Wells-Barnett

5/26/2011 11:51:53 PM

Can't we get along without lynching happy idiots of the 60s ruining everyhting. All that hatred ni the pas tis still here, but we need to get over it.

6/14/2013 8:57:57 AM

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