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Gods always there, what the hell are you talking about? I only attribute God to things that occur in my life that I am sure he has taken part in... Like my job interview. There is no fucking way in hell I could have done this without him. No high school diploma no previous job references no special skills or anything. And they hire me at $12.00/hr. Whatever. You can say hes not real but I'll just continue to enjoy the benefits of knowing God.

UserFriendly, BlizzForums 13 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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No High School Diploma?

Wow. You fail.

6/1/2008 3:42:13 PM


Confirmation bias. You fail.

6/1/2008 3:52:50 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

All powerful and all he can get you is $12.00 an hour? Shit, I wouldnt even step out of my car for $12.00 an hour. How the fuck can you make a living on $12.00 an hour in America..and you arent fucking complaining about it? Instead you are saying its a god-send?

Go get your dumb-fundy-ass back into school before its to fucking late. GED's dont mean shit anymore. Get some college algebra and english and then move on to some more interesting subjects in community college.

10/1/2008 1:39:52 AM


Where was he when I had to leave my $42000 a year job because the bullying I was getting from a (fundie) co-worker was causing my blood pressure to skyrocket?

10/1/2008 11:07:36 PM

Philbert McAdamia

I do have special skills, college ed, special training, many years of experience and good references back to 1962. $12 an hour is what I get, too, and let me tell you . . . if it wasn't for a handy supply of good, clean dumpsters in my area, life in southern California would be impossible. Try getting a job at 63 during a republican administration.

God? Pffffft

10/2/2008 1:06:52 AM


Did God tell you to move to Calgary? You can work at any fast food restaurant for $15 an hour.

If God really loved you, he'd tell you to move to Calgary.

10/2/2008 2:33:10 AM


How did God grant you this job and pay rate without altering someone's free will?

10/2/2008 3:59:18 AM


In my part of the world, a guy who sweeps the streets gets $15.00/hr +medical+pension+ 21 days paid holiday per year.
Just imagine, if he had turned to God, he would have taken a 20% cut and lost all benefits.

10/2/2008 6:38:26 AM


12 bucks per hour? I'll have fries with that.

10/2/2008 9:07:54 AM

rubber chicken

How? Did you use God as a referee ?

There are mining towns in outback Australia where you can get $2000 a week working in KFC, how come the Almighty didn't get you one of those jobs?

10/2/2008 9:28:17 AM


12 bucks an hour? Holy geez, you fail.

10/2/2008 9:41:36 AM

$12 an hour is too much for a burger flipper. Minimum wage here has just went up to a whopping $6.85 ($3.43 if you get more than $30 in tips in a month)! Yay Ohio!

Edit: I know college grads who are delivering pizzas until they can find a better paying job. Those loans don't pay themselves.

10/2/2008 9:43:59 AM


$12 an hour, and you attribute this to your skydaddy? You could come over here (no, do not count this as an invitation from me to come to Norway) and get a job slinging burgers or cleaning offices at minimum wage which is equivalent to about $20 an hour.

God? Oh come on....reality called, and it seems you're in an area that's without connection.

10/3/2008 5:22:52 AM

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