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Jen - you are a diseased Mud cunt - stepped on and spat on and used by everything and anything that is passes you by. You will be dead in the Mud - one with your essential substance. My people will restore the Earth - casue that's what we do - and we will sow the soil with cleansing salt, where your breed falls. And my Race will claim the planet. The entire planet. And even though we will thankfully never meet - the day will come when when I will remember that you once existed, and tainted the good clean air with your poisonous fumes. I will gaze upon a world of shining White young gleaming faces - the Children of the People of Light - and I frighten the naughty ones by telling them horrific tales about the Old Days, when demonic, evil Mud Creatures ran loose over the Earth.

They won't believe me - because they will have never seen such beasts, anywhere in their living-space.............but I will know, and laugh...........your name will gone from Eternity. My Will will Triumph.

Tomorrow belongs to me.

PearlGirl, Instapunk (COMMENTS) 3 Comments [9/30/2008 3:55:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: M.M.

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This belongs in RSTDT

10/3/2012 1:40:45 PM

o...k... look lady. I don't think you understand how earth works.

10/5/2012 3:23:02 AM


2 comments? Seriously? On a post from 2008?

1/20/2013 12:49:55 PM

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