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Praise Jesus . . . and praise Pastor Muthee for recognizing their is evil in the world. God expects us to pray to ward off evil . . . and evil is everywhere my friends . . . pedophiles, child porn, and every other perversion along with the crooks on Wall Street, in the US Congress, and in the corporate board rooms. Those of us who support Governor Palin, and will vote for McCain because of her, agree with her ideology . . . there is a God, God matters, and the US of A is still the best place to live in the world, it is worth fighting for, and we cannot let it go the way of the Cuba, Russia, or Norway, for that matter.

Conservative&Christian, timesonline 68 Comments [10/1/2008 3:20:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: worldsend
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Yeah, forget Norway!

(More like Snore-way.)

10/1/2008 3:21:03 AM


Odly enough, people they claim to be against they're voting for? How the fuck does that make sense

10/1/2008 3:23:51 AM



10/1/2008 3:28:33 AM


When Reverend Wright preaches, you call him and his congregation evil.

When Pastor Muthee preaches, you idiots praise him.

Even more ironic is that side by side, Pastor Muthee's message is much more absurd.

10/1/2008 3:29:00 AM


"God expects us to pray to ward off evil . . ."

Uh, why? Doesn't he know what the hell is going on?

"Those of us who support Governor Palin, and will vote for McCain because of her, agree with her ideology . . ."

So you're going to vote him into office because you like someone he chose by apparently picking their name out of a hat. That sounds reasonable. Or not.

"there is a God, God matters,"

Doesn't look that way from where I'm sitting.

"and the US of A is still the best place to live in the world, it is worth fighting for, and we cannot let it go the way of the Cuba, Russia, or Norway, for that matter."


10/1/2008 3:30:53 AM

Moon Wolfhowl

Get the fuck out of Norway, fundie. The Viking Wolf Emperor commands you.

10/1/2008 3:32:42 AM


What did Norway do?

10/1/2008 3:40:17 AM

Jesus Klingon



Norway #1
Cuba #59
USA #96
Russia #118


Norway #3
Cuba #62
USA #97
Russia #131

10/1/2008 3:41:56 AM


As someone who was born, raise and still living in America... I can honestly say I hope to one day move to Norway and get out of this fundie-infested shithole.

10/1/2008 3:59:30 AM


"God expects us to pray to ward off evil . . ."

. . .because our all-powerful God (who can do ANYTHING, because he's GOD) can't do anything unless we specifically ask him to, and he may or may not do it, depending on his mood or if he's just too busy watching his navel collect lint.

10/1/2008 4:15:24 AM


Yeah, 'cause Norway is such a terrible, backwards country compared to our paradise over here. For instance, I bet one of their top candidates wouldn't choose a mental lightweight like Palin as a running mate. BURN THEM!!!!

10/1/2008 5:07:44 AM


Hey Syb, more like Bore-way, amirite?

Or Nor-gay!

10/1/2008 5:21:19 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

I wish I lived in Norway. However, I am much, much happier living in Canada than I ever would be if I lived in the US. I kinda like the whole not having to worry about being screwed over by insurance companies if I ever get sick thing.

10/1/2008 5:49:56 AM



What's wrong with Norway? I am norwegian, and I can truthfully say that we enjoy great prosperity, very low unemployment rates, great salaries, free medical care and lots more. We are also a fairly laid-back people, but we have not entirely forgotten our viking heritage. ;)

How you are able to put Norway in with Russia and Cuba is beyond me.

You are welcome to visit, though I must warn you; we have very low tolerance for fundie lunacy!

10/1/2008 5:51:46 AM

Little Miss

norway? What the fuck does Norway have to do with Palin?

10/1/2008 5:54:43 AM



universal health care.

low teen birth rate.

educated kids

polite kids

little societal dislocation

yeh - a true hell on earth

10/1/2008 6:48:25 AM

Paschal Wagner

Ironically, Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world thanks to off-shore drilling. ;-)

10/1/2008 7:18:44 AM


@Paschal Wagner

Yes, absolutely.
But the cost of gasoline/diesel is also among the highest in the world. Which is something of a paradox, but there you go.

10/1/2008 7:25:53 AM


Them-there fjords are the work of Satan!

It's obvious: does 'fjord' look like an English word? Are fjords mentioned in the Bible?

10/1/2008 7:41:45 AM



No no no, you got that all wrong.

Norway, fjords and glaciers included, were designed by Slartibartfast some 7 million years ago. If Satan was one of the commissioners however, the story says nothing about.

10/1/2008 9:07:01 AM

The Jamo

Norway? What the hell have you got against Norway now?

10/1/2008 10:16:09 AM

Quantum Mechanic

"there is a God"



10/1/2008 10:37:35 AM


I'm sure most people from Norway are glad you don't plan moving there any time soon. When I think of 'evil in the world' I think of YOU. Jesus, save me from your fan club.

10/1/2008 10:46:10 AM


What's wrong with Norway?

10/1/2008 11:12:18 AM


"and evil is everywhere my friends . . . pedophiles, child porn"

If I was looking for either, the first place I would look is in the basement of a church.

10/1/2008 1:31:35 PM
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