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Go Sara Go. USA needs leaders like Mccain and Sara Palin to Spread word of GOD all over the world. As Sara said US army is doing work of GOD in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sara will be placed in white house by the grace of GOD and all liberals and leftist will be stunned.

Sam, timesonline 49 Comments [9/27/2008 1:57:20 AM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

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And I'll bet GOD is pretty sick of his name being used by assholes like you.

9/27/2008 1:58:42 AM


People like worldsend are the reason I left the Republican party.

9/27/2008 2:01:39 AM

Redneck Bimbo Governor


9/27/2008 2:06:26 AM

Old Viking

It takes very little to get you folks excited.

9/27/2008 2:08:52 AM


Wow, I'm impressed that you even remembered that McCain is the one running for president.

I look forward to Palin bankrupting your country. Not that you need any help.

9/27/2008 2:09:14 AM


McCain is an idiot.

Palin is a cunt.


9/27/2008 2:12:07 AM


...Honestly...if I were God I would not care.

He is the Creator of the universe, He probably has better things to do then grant wishes like a genie.

9/27/2008 2:38:07 AM


You didn't watch the Presidental Debate did you? McCain was made to be a fucking idiot.

9/27/2008 2:43:17 AM


hope your god isn't taking a crap in November... would be shame to have you all in therapy when Obama is being sworn in.

9/27/2008 3:27:29 AM


Grammar? What?

9/27/2008 4:04:36 AM


"US army is doing work of GOD in Iraq and Afghanistan. "
Sure, if we're talking about the genocidal asshole Old Testament God...

9/27/2008 4:06:11 AM


I did not go to Iraq to do the "work of God", and hearing that ignorant bitch spout off crap like that makes me want to punch her in the face.

9/27/2008 4:07:13 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

I SOOO want to see this guy proven wrong. But if he is, he will just blame it on satan, what a cop-out belief system.

9/27/2008 4:29:05 AM


Actually in the US we vote on these sorts of issues.

9/27/2008 5:20:22 AM

Oh yes, a lot of people will be stunned alright. Mostly because she's a drooling idiot, and people with ANY sense at all are terrified at the thought of her being NEAR the white house, much less in it.

9/27/2008 5:22:37 AM



We'll be stunned because it'll be the last straw; the ultimate expression of how the world has gone flippin' insane. Gyah!

9/27/2008 6:05:45 AM

Dr. Funkenstein

God clearly wants America to fall.

9/27/2008 6:33:09 AM


Aren't the terrorists doing the same thing?

9/27/2008 9:01:34 AM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

Premier Election Systems is not God! You fail theology!

9/27/2008 9:37:07 AM

@RI: people like worldsent? but... he only discovered Sam and submitted his quote here.

9/27/2008 9:39:22 AM


I will waste no time being stunned. I'll be busy packing and leaving the sad remainder of deluded fundies to try and support an economy of international trade while keeping a bag over their heads. If McCain/Palin wins, say hello to the 21st Century great depression. Great prioritizing!

9/27/2008 12:51:33 PM

all liberals and leftist will be stunned.

Along with anyone who had any shred of optimism for the intelligence of the American people.

9/27/2008 2:26:32 PM

Quantum Mechanic

There is no god, thanks for playing, sucker.

9/27/2008 2:40:03 PM


@RI: people like worldsent? but... he only discovered Sam and submitted his quote here.

Oops. Yeah, I meant Sam. My apologies to worldsend. Reading comprehension ftw.

9/27/2008 2:44:51 PM


Gods in ur america, wasting ur munnies.

9/27/2008 3:10:50 PM

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