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If you think politics and religion shouldn't be mixed you must not know our Founding Fathers or the documents they penned very well. The basic principles of Christianity are what our Country was founded on. Which “Creator” do you think they were referring to? Read the documents and it will be clear. The farther we move away from God as a Country, the worse our societal ills become. The great thing about our Country is that we can vote according to our respective consciences and this doesn't make us bigots; this makes us Americans. For me, a competent candidate is who I look for; a Christian competent candidate is even better. The true Christians (meaning “followers of Jesus Christ”) put God first, family second, “neighbors” (all others) third and themselves last. They do not worship money. They hate sin but love sinners. They are compassionate but will not water down their beliefs to please the media. They are by far the most generous with their time and money. For those of you who have determined you don't believe in God just know that He still believes in you.

Linda, timesonline 1 Comments [9/30/2008 4:22:29 PM]
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Quantum Mechanic

Treaty of Tripoli bitch.


3/20/2011 12:12:23 PM

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