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If evolution is true, And god doesnt exist... Then life means nothing more than illusion, we can kill people, we can murder, rape, steal, lie, mock any one we want to, understand columbine shootings...

Itiswritten, PlanetWisdom 14 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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We could. But we have something called morals and civilization.

7/14/2008 10:20:46 PM

Poe Expert (Done 316 Poe things)

All that stuff has and still is happening.

7/14/2008 10:27:58 PM

Left Intentionally Blank

Booya. Lying and mocking anyone I want is already a way of life for me. And unless I do really poorly this semester, my Abnormal Psychology module should really help on the understanding of Columbine Shootings.

2/8/2009 7:23:02 PM

On whatever it is that they write it on up there...

11/20/2009 4:38:58 PM

Philbert McAdamia

It's all a pipe dream.

"understand columbine shootings" WTF?

understand Waco, Ruby Ridge, Okie City, Jonestown, Iraq, Afghanistan, WW1 & 2, Viet Nam, the Philipines, America, Cuba, etc., etc., etc.

Oh, were we discussing atheists? Sorry, my bad.
Never mind. Vote republican.

11/20/2009 5:01:30 PM

Dr. Shrinker

My conscience prevent me from committing violence on other people. So tell me Itiswritten, were you born without a conscience or did you give it up when you became a Christian?

11/20/2009 5:20:48 PM

What the fuck?!! Are all of these people psychopaths held in check only by their belife that their nonexistant god will punish them?

11/21/2009 12:55:39 AM


"What the fuck?!! Are all of these people psychopaths held in check only by their belife that their nonexistant god will punish them?

Read any comment relating to this subject that we have here. Yeah, kind of, if you take their word for it.

I prefer to think of them as sociopaths, rather than psychopaths myself, but that may just be me getting the terminology wrong.

11/21/2009 10:02:15 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Your point is?

11/21/2009 10:08:00 AM


Why would you do these things?

11/21/2009 10:09:36 AM


"we can kill people, we can murder, rape, steal, lie"

Like Timothy McVeigh, Tony Alamo, Jim Bakker, and Kent Hovind?

Meanwhile, we Atheists don't go around killing anyone, possess self-control enough to keep it in our trousers, don't take other peoples' property, nor tell porkies*. Because we wouldn't want anyone else to do the same to us.

Treat others as you'd want them to treat you. Be good for goodness' sake. Commit acts of gratuitous kindness. See? All the morals you'll ever need. No 'God' required.

*- Okay, so when our wives/girlfriends show themselves off in their new dress/skirt and they ask 'Does my bum look big in this?' are you going to be absolutely honest? If it wasn't for tact & diplomacy, this world would've ended in a nuclear conflagration decades ago. 'Little White Ones' ensure our continued existence - either worldwide or in the household.

11/21/2009 10:19:49 AM


Or you could think like this: we are social animals. Social animals are to do what is best for the whole group. Therefore you should keep being good.

8/8/2011 8:34:27 PM


Well, there is MUCH more to morality and ethics than just the old, primitive principle of "carrot and punishment".

But fundie minds seem to have problems understanding every concept that is even slightly more complicated than: "Behave, or you will suffer in hell!"

8/8/2011 11:09:32 PM


Most of us have morals and ethics. For those who don't, and there's prison and in some places the death chamber.

Better that than a blind belief in a god who is so homicidal and vile that it's not only in Texas or China where he would have been put down a long time ago, if he actually existed.

8/9/2011 12:23:45 AM

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