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Why won't Obama just admit it?
Why does he always say he's a Christian. Anyone can see he's muslim.

Fact: In an interview, Obama mentioned that Muhammad's prayers are the most beautiful sounds.

Fact: He said that if he wins, he will swear on the Quran, not the Bible.

I could keep going, but I want to keep it short and to the point.

So why doesn't he just admit it? Is he afraid that will not go over well in the polls? Honestly, I couldn't care less what religion he is, I just want to know.

cb52211, Yahoo|Answers 64 Comments [10/9/2008 9:17:21 AM]
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Submitted By: UberLutheran

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10/9/2008 9:22:23 AM


so, Muslim is the new Black?

10/9/2008 9:27:15 AM

Waiting for God

Oh yeah, you couldn't care which religion he is. I mean that much is obvious from listening to you shout

"FACT: Some made up bollocks which has nothing to do with anything proves Obama is a Muslim"

I'll bet a reasonable amount of money that Sen Obama dosen't much care for religion in general, it's probably not that important to him until you assholes made it so.

10/9/2008 9:32:33 AM


Citation needed

10/9/2008 9:47:49 AM


"Honestly, I couldn't care less what religion he is, I just want to know."
Then why are you so concerned about Obama admitting that he is Muslim (and he is not)? Why don't you admit that you're just racist? It would shut people up about the Muslim part, I'd be happy, we'd all be happy not having to keep telling people 24/7 that Obama is NOT a Muslim! And then we could be arguing over something else if you wish. (Being racist is bad, yes, but...it's better than saying "so and so is this or that".)

10/9/2008 9:50:34 AM

Dan Onymous

"I just want to know"

Easy enough - he's a Christian. Now shut up.

10/9/2008 10:01:52 AM


You can SEE he's a Muslim? How, exactly?

10/9/2008 10:06:48 AM


Why don't YOU just admit you only hate him because he's black?

10/9/2008 10:32:03 AM

Bored One-time Poster

"Anyone can see he's a muslim...I just want to know."

Don't disagree with your own argument! It takes all the fun out of it for me!

Also, "Muhammad's prayers?" How would anybody hear him pray nowadays?

10/9/2008 10:40:40 AM


[big fucking citation needed]

10/9/2008 10:43:04 AM


FACT: Magical purple beavers built an advanced civilization on Atlantis which is known by the Native Americans as "maize".

Yayyyy! Let's all make up facts!

10/9/2008 10:54:59 AM

"Why won't Obama just admit?" Because it's fucking lie invented by GOP propagandists and spread by right-wing toadies, brain-dead sheep(like you), and racists!

10/9/2008 11:03:29 AM


"Anyone can see he's muslim." How exactly?

"Fact: In an interview, Obama mentioned that Muhammad's prayers are the most beautiful sounds." Citation, please?

"Fact: He said that if he wins, he will swear on the Quran, not the Bible." Citation, please?

"So why doesn't he just admit it?" Because he isn't.

"I couldn't care less what religion he is" Then why bother with this post?

10/9/2008 11:38:01 AM

Secret Squirrel

FACT: In fundiespeak, putting the word "fact" in big letters at the start of a sentence makes it true! Just like magic!

10/9/2008 11:39:33 AM

Dr. Funkenstien

Fact: Not only is the world 6,000 years old, but the Rapture will happen the second after all the votes in the Presidental election are tallied.

Aw, fuck, you know what? That fact was a lie. Kind of like yours.

10/9/2008 12:09:23 PM

Obama did say in an interview with the New York Times that he found the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” Sadly, a quick google search only brings up wingnut blogs referring to this, citing a Kristof op-ed. Said article ( http://select.nytimes.com/2007/03/06/opinion/06kristof.html?_r=2&pagewanted=print&oref=slogin&oref=slogin ). This makes Obama a Muslim as much as an appreciation for Jewish poetry makes one Jewish.

Citation needed for the Koran thing.

10/9/2008 12:13:33 PM

Mr Blur

Anyone can see you're a racist cretin.

So why don't you just admit it? Are you afraid that will not go over well in intelligent company? Honestly, I couldn't care less how stupid you are, I just want to know.

10/9/2008 12:32:26 PM

Mr Smith

Fact: He said that if he wins, he will swear on the Quran, not the Bible.

Really? I wonder if that works for anything

Fact: Irag still has WMD's, somewhere...
Fact: Crab People are behind the banks collapsing.
Fact: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are really the same person.
Fact: You have to be a licensed contractor before you can become a beaver.
Fact: All prescription medicine is 1 part holy water, 1 part sugar and 2 parts monosodium glutamate.

This is fun :)

10/9/2008 12:33:07 PM

1. Why do you make this shit up?
2. Why do people believe it?
3. What the hell does it matter?!

10/9/2008 12:54:07 PM


Even if Obama was a muslim posing as a Christian, I think he'd know enough not to say those things.

10/9/2008 12:55:20 PM

Some massive fucking citations needed.

10/9/2008 1:17:13 PM


Yea, you could care less. Got it.

I'll tell you what. The one thing that concerns me about Obama more then anything is the fact that he IS a christian, and seemingly a pretty heavy duty one. However, I do believe that Obama will keep his own personal beliefs out of his policies.

10/9/2008 1:39:12 PM


www.snopes.com. please. I beg you. get a clue. they're not that hard to find.

10/9/2008 2:06:30 PM


I'm not Christian, and I'm in my college's chapel choir specifically because I believe that the music we play is beautiful. Does it make me any more of a Christian? Not so far. Attractive sounds and melodies are just that, pleasurable and thrilling to the senses.

As for the second one, cite, please.

And if you really, truly don't care what religion Obama is, then why not let him be whatever he says he is? This need to cross-examine suggests that you DO want him to be one religion-- the one you perceive him as being. Why that should be, I have no idea.

10/9/2008 2:07:22 PM

Let's see, nostalgia for something that you found pleasant as a child=Muslim=Antichrist. Interesting.

10/9/2008 2:24:38 PM

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