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[In response to the question "Why must we believe Jesus died for us in order to be saved?"]

Because we just do. We are in no position to question God's ways. Do as He says and you will be saved.

amen, Yahoo!Answers 27 Comments [10/9/2008 1:19:14 PM]
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Jezebel's Evil Sister

Because Fundie Godâ„¢ is big and mean and more than borderline psychotic. Only logical explanation.

10/9/2008 1:21:17 PM

Exmuslim Turk

Then fuck his salvation sideways.

10/9/2008 1:24:35 PM

If this 'god' psycho turns out to be real, we need to find a way to kill him/her/it ASAP. I'd rather not live in a 'paradise' ruled by a genocidal, egomaniacal infanticide-loving deity, thanks.

10/9/2008 1:43:01 PM


But why?

10/9/2008 1:43:55 PM


Again, I'll chop this fucking gawd's head off with a sword.

10/9/2008 1:46:57 PM


Just hand over your soul, and nobody will get hurt...

10/9/2008 1:54:16 PM


How do you know God's ways? I do not accept for one moment that amen knows God's ways!

The ball is in amen's court very firmly.

10/9/2008 1:56:15 PM


...and if you dont do as he says he will come round and beat you with a big stick...because you know Hank owns this town.

10/9/2008 2:00:28 PM


"Because we just do."

Well that fucking clears it up.

Some folks wrote stuff down in a book a long long time ago and I have have to believe what they wrote because you say I have to.

There are a lot of old holy books. Why should I belive you know which one is right? Why should I believe any of them are right?

Please just have all deities that want me to do something drop by and explain what they want over brunch or something.

Until then, I have no more reason to believe you than to belive the crazy fellow on the corner screaming the the end is near.

Oh wait, that is you.

10/9/2008 2:07:24 PM


It's always funny to watch them answer questions they have no clue how to answer.

Religion is like parenting of adult imbeciles.

10/9/2008 2:38:22 PM


Because we just do. We are in no position to question Der Fuhrer's ways. Do as He says and you will be saved.

10/9/2008 3:03:15 PM


We are in no position to question God's ways.

I beg to differ. As a reasoning being I find I am in the best position possible to question Jehovah's ways.

10/9/2008 3:25:00 PM


Yes, don't think or ask questions!

10/9/2008 3:41:01 PM


But Jesus died to save man's sins. Doesn't it seem counter productive that we have to do what he says before that sacrifice can have any merit?

10/9/2008 3:54:04 PM


Extortion and blackmail for the sake of your beliefs is still extortion and blackmail.

10/9/2008 4:00:25 PM


I prefer to go my own path-

10/9/2008 4:20:58 PM

Mister Spak

Allah disagrees.

10/9/2008 4:25:09 PM


Automaton say baa like a good little sheep.

10/9/2008 4:38:30 PM


"Why must we believe Jesus died for us in order to be saved?"

I'm surprised why I haven't come up with this question before. Indeed, why would he have to? Did God just have to make his son's death (who was actually himself) really dramatic before people would believe in him? Couldn't he do stuff like that, like, today?

10/9/2008 6:35:58 PM

Old Viking

At least he doesn't beat around the bush.

10/9/2008 7:17:26 PM

The L

That's right kids, don't think for yourselves. Don't question anything. Just do what the nice cult leader says, and everything will be OK. Here, have some Kool-Aid.

10/9/2008 7:29:30 PM


Because we just do. We are in no position to question God's ways.

Fundie in a nutshell.

10/9/2008 8:31:51 PM


God is like a Mafia protection racket?
You don't pay him his dues, you get a visit.
'Nice little life you have here. A shame if anything was to happen to it'.

10/9/2008 10:57:06 PM

Moon Wolfhowl

"It just works that way" is only acceptable for certain plot devices in fantasy and sci fi. Reality, not so much.

10/10/2008 11:09:35 PM


Poor God, his followers make him look so bad...

10/14/2008 7:08:41 AM

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