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What should the doctor do to the patient after the abortion?

Answer :
Kill them the same way that they just killed their kid!

{the answer got one thumb up, showing that this opinion is shared by others)

Answerer 2 (the answerer is obscured do to the question being unresolved), Yahoo Answers 33 Comments [10/8/2008 7:52:53 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

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Tom S. Fox

And you call yourself pro-life?

10/8/2008 7:54:22 PM



10/8/2008 7:56:07 PM


What would be the point of the abortion then? You wouldn't need to perform it if you're killing the mother, because that would effectively kill the kid and you wouldn't have to perform an expensive procedure.

10/8/2008 7:57:42 PM

Old Viking

Religion: the source of compassion.

10/8/2008 7:58:43 PM

Life begins at conception and ends at birth, apparently.

10/8/2008 7:59:32 PM


Don't be silly. Nobody makes vacuums and surgical equipment that big.

10/8/2008 8:09:06 PM


Way to follow the ten commandments, retards.

10/8/2008 8:09:40 PM


Logically inconsistent much?

10/8/2008 8:14:52 PM


Can't really call yourself 'pro-life' then, can you?

10/8/2008 8:20:12 PM

Poppy Pomfrey

Christian love at it's best!

Whatever happened to "you shall not kill" I think it pretty much ends there, it doesn't say "you shall not kill, except if it's a woman who had an abortion"

10/8/2008 8:25:18 PM


I say a troll.

10/8/2008 8:26:30 PM


Start With Yourself Award.

10/8/2008 8:32:50 PM


I actually kind of like this idea! However, I am admittedly a sick fuck with a long history of "mental health issues".

10/8/2008 8:42:14 PM


Just another proof that "pro-life" really means "anti-choice".

10/8/2008 8:52:29 PM


What I think is that "pro-life" actually means just "pro-birth", since the lives of the ones that have already been born doesn't matter to them... :/

10/8/2008 9:00:59 PM

It now says that the idiot who wrote this goes by the screenname "Mother of 3"

10/8/2008 9:08:36 PM

Redneck Bimbo Governor

I think someone needs a delayed adult abortion.

10/8/2008 9:29:55 PM

captain hooker

I don't see the fundie here...

You don't have to be Christian to be "pro-life"

10/8/2008 9:30:31 PM


So much for God's mercy.

10/8/2008 9:47:35 PM


So much for pro-life. The answerer is "Mommy of 3!"

10/8/2008 9:50:12 PM


I have found that most pro-lifers are pro-death unless it involves a fetus.

10/8/2008 9:56:36 PM




10/8/2008 10:03:38 PM


According to the Bible, the punishment for killing a fetus is a fine paid to the father.

If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. -- Exodus 21:22

10/8/2008 10:41:27 PM


Pass me the blowgun with the Black Mambo venom-laced darts...

@Armand -- So true. They want us to be nothing more than walking wombs and occasional sex-slaves (but only for popping out more babies!). Disgusting.

10/9/2008 1:03:18 AM


Bloodlust is proof that the good lawd loves us, and he wants us all to be happy.

On his terms, of course.

10/9/2008 2:51:17 AM

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