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Sup CE. Typing this @ Greece.

Greece was where the dangerous philosphies of "reason" and "empiricism" arose.

Please leave that evil place.
* If I want to disprove evolution, all I need is the first chapter of the Bible.
* If I want to disprove atheism, all I need is the first verse of the Bible.

(The lines indicate his signature)

vsthreadmaker12, GameFAQS (Current Events) 33 Comments [10/18/2008 9:43:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: J Arcenas
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Well, if I want to prove the existence of the Elbs and Valar I just have to read the Quenta Silmarillion

10/18/2008 10:00:37 AM


Ye pissed off a spartan.

10/18/2008 10:02:10 AM


And he and his partner will come raging after you.

10/18/2008 10:14:11 AM


And the gays. Don't forget the gays.

10/18/2008 10:24:11 AM


What the fuck?

10/18/2008 10:37:59 AM

Bass X0

Its Current Events. They're all crazies over there.

10/18/2008 10:56:08 AM


Genesis proves nothing except your gullibility.

10/18/2008 12:55:46 PM


Reason? O noes!!!!111?!!!1111eleventyone!!!111!!!!

10/18/2008 1:17:20 PM


Greece was where the dangerous philosphies of "reason" and "empiricism" arose.

Please leave that evil place.

King Leonidas says...

10/18/2008 2:23:21 PM

Mister Spak

If I want to disprove the bible, all I need is common sense.

10/18/2008 2:51:12 PM

Quantum Mechanic



10/18/2008 3:06:30 PM


If I want to disprove reason, I climb up a tall tree, and start sawing on the branch I'm sitting on.

10/18/2008 3:06:39 PM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

And, if you want to disprove the bible, all you need is the first chapter and the second chapter, which contradict themselves.

10/18/2008 3:19:44 PM

Exmuslim Turk

Spartans are like this guy actually. They destroyed their weak, were brutal, ruthless, and employed a shitload of slave labor and killed slaves for fun. So they aren't a good example of good civilisation, rather cockbite fascist hardcore Morons like vsthreadmaker.

But yes, reason was born there.

10/18/2008 3:20:36 PM


Religions are demonstrably dangerous philosophies. Reason is often employed to clean up the mess left by religious disagreements.

10/18/2008 4:01:50 PM


Proof doesn't work that way, sorry.

10/18/2008 4:04:04 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

..and the abortionists..dont forget them too.

*fucking cretin*

10/18/2008 4:14:55 PM

Dude, without my ancestors and their innovations and reason, you wouldn't even be able to type your nonsense on a computer by yourself. Skase, vlaka.

I have been to Greece several times and it is NOT an evil place. Fundieland, on the other hand...

10/18/2008 5:11:27 PM


I love Greece and esp. the Greek islands. Greek food is amazing, Greek wine is great, Greek women are awesome and very hot. And if you have never had sex, Greek style...

Choosing between USA and Greece, Greece would win.

10/18/2008 5:14:33 PM


Well, if I want to prove the existence of the Elbs and Valar I just have to read the Quenta Silmarillion

I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Aside from LOTR and The Hobbit every thing Tolkien wrote is awful.

10/18/2008 6:47:09 PM

a mind far far away

"dangerous philosophy of 'reason'"? Reason isn't a philosophy, it's the way the normal mind operates. Which shows this guys mind isn't normal, since for him, reason is dangerous. Reason is what gives us common sense, and common sense is what tells us not to step out from the sidewalk into oncoming traffic. Since reason is dangerous to you, go ahead, step out into traffic, moron.

10/18/2008 6:53:57 PM


And "democracy" IIRC.

* If I want to disprove the entirety of the supernatural parts of the Bible, all I need is logic.

10/18/2008 7:17:11 PM


Oh, damn that reason and empiricism!

10/18/2008 7:27:49 PM


So, basically, the Corinthians, Thessalonians, Ephesians and such? All evil.

10/18/2008 9:34:14 PM

Old Viking

Worry not, lad. Your vaccination to prevent reason was entirely successful.

10/18/2008 11:22:06 PM
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